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    • My experience too. You get reasonable DR, reasonable latitude to push files and colors and you can shoot down to iso125 which makes switching between stills and video a breeze.
    • Comment on the New York Times piece says it best: "Reading this comment board makes me sad for America. We used to hail our successes and revere exceptionally productive people. Anyone who has driven a Tesla knows it is a marvel of modern American engineering. Just putting that car on the road is a stunning accomplishment. But Elon Musk also has a thriving rocket company, is building the world’s largest battery factory, was a founder of PayPal and has dozens of other accomplishments to his name. In today’s America, that’s a reason to be ridiculed and despised. The Internet has destroyed this great land — giving every citizen a forum to anonymously expel their most venomous bile. I wouldn’t blame Musk for selling out to the Saudis. They wouldn’t put him through the insufferably inane garbage that gets flung at him in this country."
    • I know it is easy to spend your money, but unless you need the smaller size for a Gimbal, wouldn't the FS7 be a better way to go over the FS5? Seems to me to be a better camera. The original one is not much more than the FS5 . But they are bigger no doubt, well a lot bigger. But I can see the desire for the electronic ND filter on the FS5. Kind of a quick and dirty comparison. https://www.hireacamera.com/en-gb/blog/motion/sony-pxw-fs5-and-pxw-fs7-the-difference/
    • A great application for it. They have something new being announced on the 21st.....
    • Required reading! https://www.nytimes.com/2018/08/16/business/elon-musk-interview-tesla.html?hp&action=click&pgtype=Homepage&clickSource=story-heading&module=first-column-region&region=top-news&WT.nav=top-news https://www.thecut.com/2018/08/azealia-bankss-feud-elon-musk-grimes-explained.html So Tesla has some unnecessary side-battles to fight now, which I am sure the oil and established auto industry will use against their biggest rival. It's important for the whole damn planet that Elon Musk achieves his goals at Tesla and at SpaceX. Vital for humanity. People simply cannot get their heads around this. They are constantly gossiping and looking for ways to bring him down. Sure he's overworked. Yes, on sleeping pills. Maybe he even has a girlfriend (musician Grimes) who may not be the most stable presence (personally, I like her!). Yes, he may well have been on acid when he made the tweet about securing funding to take the company private at $420 a share. Who cares. People need to look past all this gossip, even the possible breach of the law, and give the guy a break. Imagine our city streets with no pollution and breathable air. Imagine a home on another planet, ready to continue humanity after we fuck up this one. Every investor in Tesla should let Musk concentrate on his health away from the extra pressure of lawsuits.
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