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    • Danne (Magic Lantern superstar) and I have been working on a log DCP profile for Magic Lantern. At the moment, it's just for the 5D3. But if feedback is positive we will try to roll it out for all Magic Lantern cams. This profile is for use with an Adobe Camera Raw to After Effects workflow (although it may have other applications). Although other workflows may be faster - Resolve, for example - many people feel that the debayering, colour reproduction and noise control offered by ACR is unparalleled. The philosophy with this profile is to get the raw linear data into a log curve, so that blacks and whites aren't clipped and there is a relatively equal relationship between stops. Interestingly enough with this profile, and maybe it is unique in this regard, it has very accurate colour. Unlike Sony's S-Log or Panasonic's V-Log it's not necessary to correct for unusual colour reproduction. Just set a good white balance in ACR, apply a curve and colours are (almost!) bang on target. If you've never used a DCP profile before read more about it here: https://www.magiclantern.fm/forum/index.php?topic=20710.msg191757;topicseen#msg191757 Here is a ZIP file with the DCP and with two kinds of curves, one clean one with a "filmic" colour cast. You get both as a LUT and as a curve file for your convenience. DOWNLOAD: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/ctajtyowmzbx4ju/AAB4TrVv4AL3qCXEgwKSr77Na?dl=0 or
      https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B1exEpCRAfgFc2hKaDY2SXF4Tmc   ACR default:   ML-Log   ML-Log + curve  
    • Resolution it's meh, rolling shutter it's massive, autofocus it's unusable...   https://www.dpreview.com/reviews/image-comparison/fullscreen?attr29_0=nikon_d850&attr29_1=sony_a9&attr72_0=4k&attr72_1=4k&normalization=full&widget=555&x=-0.372378099670222&y=-0.08682754223469541       https://www.dpreview.com/reviews/image-comparison/fullscreen?attr29_0=sony_a6300&attr29_1=nikon_d850&attr72_0=4k&attr72_1=4k&normalization=full&widget=555&x=0.3232698933740121&y=0.6230321774140561
    • See what I mean, you say I can't debate related-topics to climate change...you tell me that the only topic is whether climate change is happening or not. Binary thinking my friend... It's not good. Cleaner solar energy for example is a prevention method, one of many to consider. It's not a separate topic at all, it's all part of the topic of climate change. Once you add up all the elements it's a very complicated subject and one that can't be debated from two polar opposite sides. Which is exactly what our media and politicians have turned it into. The uncertainty comes when you try to consider the truth! Rather than simply being swayed by binary thinking, tribal behaviour and where on the political spectrum you consider yourself to be.
    • Hi there, Why was wondering wich is the best and cheapest 360º camera right now? Is the Samsung 2017 360º any good? Thanks
    • I have been using the Ursa Mini 4.6K for the last 2 months for client work. It is a great camera and I love the images it produces. But I have 2 qualms: It does not do low light - as in, it is not even an option. Period. It doesn't 'wow' naturally. Let me explain the last point: The canon C500 would supply all the 4k benefits, but you would be a bit weak on the codec side. But, and its a big butt, Canon will look like 'wow'.  I am still figuring out why, but my feelings are irrelevant. My clients like Canon.  Do them a favor and go Canon. The spec differences only smooth our experience, but not the image. The Blackmagic image is a specific look or stock that we as a community love, but is subjective.  General folk see Canon footage and photos and appreciate that stock. They dont care about 444 or DR. They want to look good. Canon does that with their voodoo. Get the best Canon 4k image you can get get... and get a Ursa for yourself. Just my 2c. Oh, and low light does not mean night. Actually, with one light, the ursa is fantastic for night shoots. I mean, for example, you want to fo for a beauty or group studio look. LEDS cannot supply enough power, let alone if you want to expose in tandem with the window view etc.  Your options become a bit limited once you want to get creative with light. Unless you buck up for more powerful lights etc.  Which is where I would advise to hire. But bigger crew... Slippery slope...
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