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    • I think that you fight for a noble cause and I'm very interested by the topic but what are we getting on with exactly? Did any of your Canon critics got proper response from Canon. Mine didn't. Any news from Vimeo? I sent them a couple of emails without anything beyond the standard template response. Contacting Canon Rumors? Does the guy even care when he has a lot of traffic and business ties with many brands. I'm not trying to be a dick here, I'm genuinely asking and I'd love to participate if there are some potential results but so far it just looks like bunch of guys talking in circle on a forum while we are getting banned by major websites (not that I care personally). Some of your rants seems very emotional, the BM one was a bit counter productive I believe but you explained the situation afterward.
      I just believe that a subtle approach could be more beneficial for you and this cause instead of going head on. Personally I like the head on approach and I always enjoy to read your piece but it doesn't do well in today's world where everybody is "cool" and so easily offended. That's it mate.

    • I can't speak for other brands FF wise, but the ability on the Sony a7xx series cameras to have a s35 crop mode, and to have the Clear Zoom thingy with hardly any loss in quality, not counting better low light, DoF out of the box is pretty hard to beat once you have one. And the bodies are really as small as most m4/3 bodies. Particularly the older ones. I would go back for BiF, Sports stuff for the small long lenses, but that is pretty much the Only reason I would. I must admit I am spoiled by the Sony bodies and the FF look. Even the color science has gotten damn good on the newer ones. Not counting used they are cheap as heck.
    • Ah, the Crane 3 LAB has the HDMI wireless box thing. At least I wasn’t wildly confused haha.  Good to know for this interested though.
    • Yea - Because the Pocket 4K already got so much bigger, they should have gone all the way and just made it even a bit bigger, added internal NDs, and a real battery slot somewhere. The 5-inch screen is great, but 4-inches would be just fine. Even at $2.5k - $3.5k, that would be right in line with my ideal A-Cam (though, I guess then there isn't much differentiation between it and the Ursa Mini Pro). Perhaps they'll make an Ursa Mini Pro Mini soon.  I look forward to the day when a manufacturer makes a C100 II-sized (or a bit smaller) 4k 60fps camera. A workhorse that you don't have to worry about power, screw-on NDs, overheating, etc and can still get a beautiful BM Raw esque image quality. The only thing that comes ergonomically close is the FS5, but that camera may have the worst internal 4K image coming out of a $1k+ video camera. With that said, I LOVE the image of my Pocket 4K and will definitely be using it for a lot of applications. But not sure I can trust it on a professional shoot until I get some real power solutions (looking forward to the tilta solutions). With this sensor, codecs, ISO-ability, menu system, etc they could have really crushed the indie crowd market with a $3k-$4k camera that had real batteries and internal NDs - even the audio is pretty great for 90% of scenarios (with one xlr and one 3.5mm).   
    • Some people are interested, some are not. Let the people who are interested in changing things to discuss it and get on with it.
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