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  2. Do the displays support HLG, HDR10 or PQ? I get an HDR output to my Sony 4K HDR TV set on my Ninja V, but you have to enable HDR output in the settings panel.
  3. Bought a used 5D3 with low shutter count (<40k) for €899 incl tax with 1 year warranty in a dutch camera shop. So it is possible to find a 5D3 below $1000 if you are patiently. Still looking for a workhorse camera for wedding video around max $1500 with a digital film look. Unfortunately a used C100 (ii) is still too expensive. Maybe a GH5, but worry about AF and low-light performance for wedding. Anyone an idea for a good wedding video camera around this budget?
  4. My Feelworld 5.7" "4K" monitor can do both horizontal and vertical flip. Edit: this is the one I have: https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1367937-REG/feelworld_fwf570_f570_5_7_4k_hdmi.html
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  6. Your claims are on a kindergarten level... and if you want to talk facts, then Sony is now number 2 on a world wide level while Nikon dropped to number 3: https://www.sonyalpharumors.com/sony-unveils-they-now-have-24-of-the-overall-worldwide-camera-market-share-up-4-over-the-previous-year/ Anyway, who gives a fxxx about these figures? Are you a major shareholder in Nikon or Sony?
  7. And where is the orig. BMPCC? 300USD(used) , 1920x1080 RAW Crop 2,88 ? Proress HQ,422,LT,Proxy. Orig. BMPCC should be in the top of your list. And where is BMMCC 500USD 1920x1080 60p RAW (RAW 3:1) And absolutely great colors. Very easy RAW editing in Resolve.
  8. I shoot 4-5.6f S35. Most DoP I have ever worked were shot at 4-5.6f also, and I am talking since film days. Usually we were (and still) achieving separation through tele lenses. It is a lot different to shoot 2.8f 24mm and 4f 135mm. Depending the lens, some need to stepped down a bit to perform best anyway.
  9. right. just saying that you can also set a tracking point in post and voila. but of course it's better if you export in 1080 or 2.5k and shoot 4k. problem with sliders is that sometimes it is not that easy to use and to get parallel for exemple
  10. kye

    Davinci Resolve 16

    From BM (link)
  11. I'm talking about this: See how the gimbal shot bobs up and down? A slider (or dolly) won't let the camera move up/down or perpendicular to the track.
  12. If you really are in a hurry, gimbal is the tool. Many real estate videos are recorded in less than half the time as before.
  13. depends. if you export 1080 and shot 4k then you have room to stabilize and crop / zoom so it will look smooth. if you export 4k then yes you need a little practice but i think the new gimbals are getting really good and it does help
  14. But it requires ridiculous amounts of training to get good results. Gimbals smooth where the camera points, but not if the camera wobbles when it moves. Stick with the tripod on wheels approach if you want a flawless result I think.
  15. Andrew I'm wondering about your view on the EOS M and the latest developments with ML raw. I bought this camera as an occasion, good as new, for €100. With a speed booster it's close to full frame and without it you can also use cmount lenses. Haven't really experimented with raw video yet (still buying some lenses for it). But have seen some beautiful results. It probably won't beat the image of the 5D II, but EOS M is even cheaper and has the advantage of being really small. I think it has the potential to make it to this list! Hope you get a chance to try it out
  16. These are among my favorite type of articles you write Andrew, thank you! I know people that still shoot with the hacked GH2! You can get them used these days for almost nothing. I still suggest it to people just starting out.
  17. Great video, and some useful ideas in there I think. It reminds me of street photography where you're never sure what's going to happen, but it's about reading peoples behaviour, anticipating in the moment, and preparing technically with things like pre-focusing and manual settings, but also finding an interesting spot and studying the backdrop so you know where the compositions are and when someone crosses into the scene monitoring when the composition is good and when the gesture is good and hoping like hell they happen to align. I could paraphrase his ideas by saying it's preparation through understanding the unknown (behaviour, weather, etc) as much as possible, and persistence by keeping at it, and keeping on pushing harder for better and better results. Lots of us are probably doing this. I'm doing it for my travel videos and also my kids sports games. I'm not great, but I keep at it and I learn and adapt and push forwards
  18. I cannot find any info about that in Atomos website, neither in Ninja V manual. Which displays are supported to get HDMI out from Ninja V? Definitely won't work with my Dell and LG wide gamut displays.
  19. Aren't we simultaneously having two conversations? The P4K is way too sharp!!! 4K and modern cameras aren't cinematic, the Alexa / older BM cameras are all lower res and have magic. The P4K is way too soft!!!! BRAW is clearly inferior because it smooths fine detail. Not to mention conversations in other threads that also include: Who needs 4K - 1080 is fine and you can't tell the difference and ...... blah blah blah 8K!!!!!! OMFG!!!!! 😎😎
  20. Canon PowerShot G7X Mark II G7X II Digital On Ebay Camera Price: $465.00 Product Identifiers BRAND Canon Product Key Features Model Canon PowerShot G7 X Mark II Optical Zoom 4.2x Digital Zoom 4x Megapixels 20.1MP Color Black Series Canon PowerShot
  21. You are putting too much faith in trump...as soon as the Chinese offer him to build a trump tower in Beijing , suddenly no more problems with them...they will be "Fine people...really fine people...
  22. hi. i realised i never got an answer and having hard time finding the info. what is the closest to flog in resolve color management ? is there a lut to convert to rec709 ? thx
  23. Shirozina


    I had a couple of FDn 35-105 F3.5's and they had amazing central resolution but the outer edges were horrible but this was on full frame so I'm sure they would work very well on M43.
  24. I think that Chinese mirror say: That’s why I said let the fat greedy people suffer. They cause their own problem but try to fix it by further exploiting/exterminating other countries/civilizations. That’s shame for a so called intelligence race on earth.
  25. a gimbal would be easier to use, not 100% the same result but can be really perfect after post
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