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  2. Emanuel

    Sony ZV-1

    Of course, this camera can be as much cinematic as any other with similar specs and from talented handling : ) However, I've seen very promising combo this time, except the 4/60p to my book : -)
  3. was shot with the Canon 24-105 F4 lol in 4K 48p and 6K24p The S1 isn't as smooth and organic in my last comparison. Need to do some further testing as soon as I am in Munich again.
  4. MeanRevert

    Sony ZV-1

    Finally a bigger distinguishing feature other than the EVF. I can see someone paying the extra $400 just to have the recording times
  5. I bought the Feelworld F5 monitor so I could have a forward facing monitor for recording YouTube videos. It seems to work just fine, except some buttons on my camera stop working when the monitor is turned on, INCLUDING THE record button for video and the shutter release. The menu and playback buttons also stop functioning. Which all kinda defeats the purpose of having a monitor if it stops the camera from working. The camera is the Samsung NX1. The firmware is up to date, and the NX mod has been installed found here https://www.eoshd.com/comments/forum/25-samsung-nx1-nx500-hack/ The monitor is connected using the hdmi to hdmi micro. The USB Connection setting is set to Remote Access (as opposed to mass storage). Set to manual, with the 18-200 OIS Samsung lens. Auto focus on, OIS on. But I can't see why it would matter. Any thoughts? Is there some incompatibility I'm unaware of? A problem with the camera or monitor? Am I missing some setting? I appreciate any thoughts or suggestions of where else to ask/search for answers.
  6. The lack of IBIS on the 1DXMKIII is killing me - literally. If it had it, it would be incredible. But yeah, then the R5 would have one less major advantage to tick in the comparison box. Urgh!
  7. If you want to keep the RAW for example of the 1Dx III at 30fps is 1 TB per 73min of video. HDD cost is around 0.02$ per GB so it would be around 16-17$ per hour of RAW.... Copying 1 TB from CFexpress to HDD will take quite a bit do > 2h....
  8. I posted on the no ND thread but on complex scenes where camera and subject moves in busy bg adding blur is post in resolve is not good. I need to test the plug in do...... In LV for photo with electronic shutter it can do 1/8000 so strange that in video mode it has this limitation... Forgot to add that if shoot in LOG base ISO 400 even at 1/8000 would be impossible to use f1.2 / 1.4 without NDs. RAW at iso 100 would work but at the limit
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  10. PannySVHS

    Low light

    For lowlight I film at 4000iso with the Panny S1 and push it two stops in post. Massive low light quality for the S1 and probably S1H. Much, much better than ISO 12800! When filming with the rather slim 75mbit h256 10bit 420 codec, quality is even better. I was very surprised by that codec option.
  11. For me it would be: Pony up and get that S1 shortfilm on:) Just that battery issue i discovered with mine, shutting off at 20% battery life left, yikes.
  12. In my opinion, unless Panasonic adds the -1 NR setting and all that it brings to the S1, no narrative creator should even consider the S1 to work alongside the S1H as a B cam. Pony up and get another S1H!
  13. @Andrew Reid I assume you will love the quality of the image coming from this camera. Would love you to hear your impressions regarding the "cinematic" image, also in comparision to the Sigma FP or Lumix S1. cheers
  14. One option is to use hashing to determine whether a digital file has been altered or not. The one technology I saw about it was that the user is directed to make certain camera movements, which are hashed with the content of the video. That makes it virtually impossible to edit the video without anyone being able to immediately tell it's been altered, since the hash would change. So that technique won't help you immediately determine if a video you see on YouTube is real or not, but it would be possible for the filmmmaker to provide source clips to prove that they are real, if necessary.
  15. Hallo friends, Before one buys a camera one of the rather important things for professional video is a reliable battery solution. That includes not only adequate battery life but precise power meterting and levels as well. It is very unpleasant to say the least to have a camera shut down during filming. My Lumix S1 has shut down twice in a row now at 20% power left. After six months of moderate usage the original battery seems not reliable anymore. Anyone of you S1 owners and users with the same issue? I am planning on selling my camera, as I am not willing to test and test for battery issues and to have to bother with doubts. Hopefully some of you can give some insights. Otherwise awesome sensor and soso menues. Pipeline in 8bit is also impressive. Cheers
  16. @deezidzero sharpening look is looking good! Was it shot at 1080p or 4K? Image looks creamy. What lens did you use? How is the S1 holding up to the S1H with the FW 2.0?
  17. @heart0less Interesting. I've heard good things about the X-T3 and X-T4. I love the Sony A7III but notice when I push the colors in post the 8-bit image breaks apart. I enjoy color grading. Also, I would like the 60+ fps to be at a higher resolution I enjoy speed-ramping footage - Sample What I like about the Sony A7III is that I can take some really great photos with it. I mostly edit for work, but do video projects on the side (paid and unpaid) I shoot about 70 videography / 30 photography. Why the ZCAM? - Other than the colorful specs and resolutions, I really like the form factor. Yes, Cons are - No IBIS, AF isn't the best ; and those are things that I use on the Sony sometimes. Lately, I've been shooting anamorphic with vintage manual lenses so the AF doesn't bother me as much. Here is a sample of the Sensor Resolution Ratios
  18. noone

    Low light

    Tricky! Below 12800/25600 probably better going with a more recent FF camera like the A7iii or Nikon Z6 now. Above 25600 the A7s cameras MIGHT still be better than others but the difference is still not going to be huge I think now and only at 80,000 and up would there still be bigger difference (and mainly in dynamic range more than anything). The thing wth the A7s cameras is the ramp down in DR is a lot more gentle than just about all other cameras and many others just seem to drop of a cliff though at different points (more so with older cameras). The many issues of the A7s cameras probably mean time for something else now for the vast majority of people.. If your shooting involves stars, run (do not walk) away from Sony and stareater. Now, having said that, my A7s first version second copy will have to be pried out of my cold dead hands unless it dies first and i get a third A7s.
  19. Before we conclude how bad the 1DX III is, at the moment no other FF camera offers 5.5k 60p to start with. None. And the R5 will not sample 5.5k at 60p, so AF will be enabled in all 8K or 4K recording modes as stated. It is likely to be more like a Panasonic S1R or Leica SL2, e.g. not the most detailed, but very good rolling shutter in 60p (30p is still in question). There will be a mountain of recording options to reduce the file sizes, and external 4K Prores recording will be supported as well.
  20. It has arrived. Found another quirk. Max 1/4000 shutter in video mode. No shooting wide open outdoors without NDs. It is rare for an electronic shutter to have such a low maximum speed. Usually it is 1/8000 or even 1/16000. Ideally I don't want to use NDs for the 180 degree look and prefer to add that in post with the Resolve motion blur tools. Oh well can't have everything I suppose. So far the gut feeling is the GFX 100 and X-T4 are better for video, but I've yet to see the images from the 1DX3. The CFexpress card is coming tomorrow.
  21. The digital IS and careful camera work helps. Otherwise there is nothing you can do but lose AF and shoot 60p, or lose full frame and shoot 60p with AF. It is a clear indication of what the EOS R5 8K will be like. Massive RS. AF quirks. Huge file sizes.
  22. In the future digital will be so far gone... so far manipulated with computational photography... that documentary filmmakers will use film, to prove what they shot was real. Digital cameras are going to be reality distortion fields. The archival of so much digital data is still an ever present challenge for such large file sizes. If you shot everything at 2400Mbit/s you should add a zero to the cost of your camera.
  23. Waveform is expensive in cpu cycles zebra is fairly easy so yes it could be added the problem is that canon rarely add features in future firmware updates although lately they are getting a bit better... see 24p even on entry level like m6 II etc..
  24. The R5 will have zebra included, it was shown in a product video (probably not the other two) so in theory they could add that to the 1DX III with a firmware update as well.
  25. Never heard of it but it could be 👍
  26. I even tried to put in MF to see if the RS improves.... that would have been possible imo........ I tend to guess that both image and dpaf pixels are read at the same time.... so if you skip the dpaf is faster.
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