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    • By Zalem

      I am selling a Leica Summicron-R f2 50mm lens with Leitax EF mount for $570 plus shipping. I am open to offers.

      The glass is in pristine condition with no scratches, no fungus, no haze and no separation. The lens is in excellent cosmetic condition as well. The only issue is the front barrel as it has a little bit of play (about 1mm). It is the only reason I am selling. It is an absolute non-issue if you're shooting spherical and it's still usable if you're being careful while shooting anamorphic.

      The Leitax mount converts the lens to EF mount. It's the best adapter on the market and it shows. It is worth $70 alone.

      Comment or DM if you're interested or want to make an offer! Cheers.

    • By elkanah77
      Wanted to showcase my latest album with a song fitting the 80s and what better way than a slot car racing track. Doesn't get any more 80s than that. Looked up a guy with a Scalextric slot card track and brought over my A6000,the kit-lens, the 50mm 1.8m two cheap LED lights and some blue gels and got to work. Lit everything so it would look like moonshine on a clear night and just got the angles. Edited in PP and stabilized. Some grading needed but no noise reduction used. Everything is handheld including the POV, although that took some DIY to get right.
    • By Fábio Pinto
      - Red One Mysterium-X body
      - PL Mount
      - Nikon Mount
      - 6x 16GB Red CF cards
      - Red SDI HD adapter
      - Red Pro LCD + cable
      - Magic arm
      - Red Cradle 
      - AC adapter
      - Top handle + rails

      The camera doesn't have any problem. Has low hours (I think around 600h, but I can confirm it).
      It's located in Lisbon, Portugal.
      Price: 3500€ + shipping
      Email: fespinto@gmail.com

    • By Fábio Pinto
      The package includes:

      - Red One camera (around 300h)
      - PL Mount
      - Red Cradle
      - Red Pro LCD (has a small mark but works fine) + cable
      - 2x Red Drives (640GB and 120GB) + cable
      - Top handle and 2 rails

      The camera works fine but when is powered continuously for 7/8 hours some small red dots start showing in the image. I heard this is normal, it's due to sensor overheating. It was never a problem for me because I use it for 2/3 hours continuously maximum and then I turn it off to change set or batteries and the red dots never show up. 
      The camera is located in Lisbon, Portugal.
      Price: 2500€ + shipping
      Email: fespinto@gmail.com

    • By elkanah77
      Tried to capture the spirit of my little, but beautifully Korg Poly-800 analog synth from 1983. Sony A6000 with the 50mm 1.8 along with the kit-lens for some wide shots.
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