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Sell my bmpcc for a lx100?

Nathan K Peterson

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I'm in a band and we record our own music videos - sometimes a live performance and sometimes more of a story based thing (going for a movie type of vibe).

After reading Andrew's lx100 review I've been wondering if I'd do better to have a more simple setup and possibly a better picture? I'm confused by so many conflicting reviews about the lx100. Thought I'd check with you guys.

Right now I've got the tokina 11-16 plus a generic speedbooster. I did some tests yesterday and while the pictures are much different, I don't feel confident enough to say which is "better".

I'm reasonably comfortable grading, so I'm more concerned about image quality for my application than how much grading I'll have to do.

I do love that the lx100 is also a cool little stills cam and I like not being able to stress about which lenses I should own.

Any advice for me?

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I don´t think the Lx100 has a better picture, but it´s true that is simplier to work and you don´t have to invest on lenses.

The main problem with the LX100 will be no external mic to record your music videos and "videoish" image.

I love my BMPCC but for some works I need a second cam faster to edit and manage the files storage when image quality is not a priority (cheap paided works).

I´m waiting to see more examples of the Sony RX10 II, it´s more expensive that the LX100 but it has SLOG-2, external mic, zoom f2.8, internal ND filters and a really good slowmo. 

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I'm using LX100 since its release (almost a year):

- it's super easy to take a shot: image stabilization, autofocus before recording, zoom (from quite wide to first portrait fov) - few seconds to move/reframe and start recording.

- low-light performance is good: (almost 4/3 sensor + F1.8 on wide end) it is like "what you see is what you can get" - no night vision, but human vision.

- when setting sharpness and noise reduction all the way down (-5) the noise (when visible) looks quite filmic. If you also don't move the camera handheld and know hot to frame a shot it looks nice (not videoish)

- dynamic range is ok most of the time, but there are situations when it's too low (and you have to use tricks to save a shot - overexpose, soften highlight in post ...).

- perfect details

- good battery

- grading is very limited. I do often can't get the colors/look I want. Especially difficult when people are close (skintones).


Don't have much experience with bmpcc, but I would say:

- you will have better shots with lx100 in: wide scenes with lot of things in frame, panoramas; 'artificial' things - like buildings, cars, instruments; places where you don't have time to set up the camera (just take it out and record);

- you will have better shots with bpmcc in: organic scenes - people, nature; when you need extreme dynamic range.

- in low-light it's equal I think: it would be really hard with bpmcc to get better than lx100 with wide fov 1.8 (24-28mm equivalent) - it not only have bright lens, but can use (quite clean and with filmic grain) high ISO, especially when downsizing to fullHD.


In summary: lx100 is super easy (so also fun) to use and get stunning results in 'artificial' and wide scenes BUT is very limited in grading (especialy 'organic' scenes like people) and getting filmic colors - you get OK colors, but not the mood you want (It is really a big problem).

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