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Sony to produce first full frame DSLR with 1080/60p and EVF

Andrew Reid

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Some interesting Sony A99 video specs have been put into the wild from a prototype model.

Sony’s new full frame DSLR features 1080p video in 24p and 60p – the first full frame DSLR to have the higher frame rate, which is very welcome for slow motion. Interestingly this DSLR is also able to record stills without interrupting video. A dual readout like that has only previously been seen on compact cameras which can output the entire sensor at up to 30fps.

Could the Sony A99 have an electronic shutter mode?

[url="http://www.eoshd.com/content/8367/sony-to-produce-first-full-frame-dslr-with-108060p-and-evf/"]Read full article[/url]

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"Oversampling from 24MP to 1080p would mean Image quality in video mode would be close to perfect full HD and like a moving still." Really? A sensor with 24 MP oversamples 1,920 x 1,080 HD 12:1, way more than necessary. Even the F65's sensor has "only" 20 MP, yet it yields true 4K.
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I always have high hopes on Sony products, but Sony continues to disappoint me, on every launch all is products are some how restricted, i think is for protecting the high end products.

I has ordered a SoundDevices Pix 240, If only we can have a A99 with clean HDMI 4:2:2 output i'll be very grateful ;)
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Regards crippling let's look at the recent history of Sony and Nikon. And compare it to Canon, ok?


- Added manual control in video mode
- First (and only) to add 1080/60p
- First to develop a serious mirrorless (mirrorless remember is the future of all cameras)
- Listened to filmmakers and added 24p mode to NEX series
- Listened to pros and added ND + slow mo to FS series
- Best EVF technology in entire industry.... And it is on consumer hardware
- Best AVCHD implementation on the planet... You see how far into the lows you can go on NEX 7 and FS100. Best encoder on any consumer camera
- Nice articulated screens

Not bad for 2 years progress.



- Developed clean HDMI 4-2-2 on D800
- Manual control in video mode all the way down to el cheapo D3200
- DX crop mode and 1:1 crop on the high end DSLRs
- Big improvement on actual resolution with D800 in 1080p
- Look at overall functionality and image quality improvement from D90 which dates from 5D Mark II era. Huge!
- Have overtook Canon with the D800's video mode and image quality


Fixed moire.
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Actually maybe that is a bit unfair.


- Added very low quality crop mode on 600D. Then took it away for 650D
- Added a hinge to their low end cameras, but not the 5D Mark III
- Added a stereo mic and AF for the first time on 650D after [b]3 years[/b]
- Added modern AF motors to STM lenses this year... Although it is not silent or internally focussing, so useless
- Cancelled funding of London's Converge Festival in 2010. Dito Gear and Zacuto stepped into save it. Sadly no longer with us
- Closed down Canon Filmmakers dot com
- Tried to close down EOSHD dot com
- Want DSLR video enthusiasts to stump up an extra $11,500 for increase in image quality
- Refuse to join mirrorless party. Proposed system based on very old sensor technology, dated by 3 years and available already in G1x
- Zero EVF tech on consumer cameras
- Added manual audio control to 7D firmware, after [b]2 years[/b]
- Seem incapable of upgrading APS-C sensor technology within 3 years
- Milking 1 sensor for 4 cameras
- On the 5th one, adds phase detect pixels yet AF still crap in live view
- I could go on...
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Hi Andrew  ;)

I know  you like sharpness so here it comes. night shoot are the sharper

Killer in sharpness: Please download the original files which i took a few days ago



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The night shoot was not edited, i dial the contrast all the way down to enhance DR. so it looks pale

the girls video was difficult since it was manual focus at 85mm/1.4

I will by the  next version since no live histogram at live-view. But DR and resolution are Insane.

Resolution is better  when using Higher F stop.

Nikon is already there @ 700$
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I wasn't that impressed with the D3200 because the aliasing and moire is pretty extreme. Certainly nowhere near as good an image as the GH2 for the same price. Thanks for sharing the videos though.
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I really doubt the camera could be doing a full sensor scan 24 times a second let alone 60; look at the Nikon One cameras, their sensors can do full readouts 60 times a second AND take simultaneous stills yet their video mode is just above average at best. There are pretty severe technical limitations to doing full read scans of even 8mp sensors for realtime video let alone 24mp (much less at a consumer prices), it's probably more realistic to expect a sharpness similar to the NEX-7 with this new camera.

The problem lies in the hardware outside of the sensor (though I understand the physically larger the sensor gets the harder it is to do). JVC is the only company that has even attempted it - with the GC-PX10 - and they had to make pretty severe sacrifices to IQ in order to get there. A C300 type approach that skirts around the Bayer demosaicing might be more practical in the next few years but that would be more optimal for a camera with 10-12mp and would require the addition of processing chips specifically meant for camcorders.
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Sony A mount has to be the most undeveloped lens system available.  Although the Sony 135mm F2.8 STF is probably one of the coolest lens I've seen [photozone review](http://www.photozone.de/sonyalphaff/737-sony135f28ff?start=1), would probably look amazing and like nothing else in video.

They have what? some Zeiss lens and old Minolta design lens?  If this camera becomes the ultimate full frame video camera, it's going to be a cluster**** of people trying to find the lens they want for it.  Sony seems to hate designing lens for any of their systems.

Sony full frame is that still photography system you almost forget exists, it's been like 5 years since their last camera.
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A lens actually designed for creamy bokeh, nice find. Thanks for pointing that out. 135mm F2.8 is one of my favourite looking lenses on full frame. Looks like 85mm F1.4 on the GH2 which I use a lot.
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[quote author=Andrew Reid link=topic=952.msg6959#msg6959 date=1341784563]

Just small point - I like detail not sharpness. Very different things!  8)

True. Now I have to ask why and how did they close down canonfilmmakers ? What did they "do" to EOSHD instead and for what reason?
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Guest Abort Abort
Let not forget that the A99 is rumoured to have 102 focus points and should offer PDAF AF during video as well (like the other SLTs) but with that many focus points do an amazing job of tracking focus without any hunting. The current SLTs are already pretty ok at this and there is something in their design during video that gives them pretty smooth transitions between shifting focus from one point to another, much better than the original a55/33 did.

@ Bradlyg5 - What do you care if Sony are making the best DSLR (type) camera for video? Who cares what brand it is honestly??! On top of that Sony are the leaders in video technology your comments are just silly. On top of that, Sony have a fine selection of lenses for A-Mount, yeah ok they don't have as many as the likes of Canon, but no system really needs that many anyway. I would be perfectly happy with the Zeiss 24, the new (rumoured) Zeiss 50mm, the Zeiss 85mm, Zeiss 135mm, Zeiss 16-35mm and Sony 70-200mm 'G'. All these are fine lenses that compete very nicely with Canon 'L's' etc. Oh and ALL of them have image stabilization due to in body IS.

Oh AND it has an EVF, so you don't need to use a less than convenient add-on, plus it has a tilty-screen. Even if the IQ is only up to the 5D MkIII standards (which I seriously doubt it won't exceed), not everything is about absolute IQ. The A99 (or whatever) will be a far more complete 'video' camera than any of the Canon SLRs.
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I just really hope Sony have the option of disable in body stabilization during video mode so we can use the full frame sensor. otherwise this will be another sony great stupid disaster like the a77 almost a great camera but failing in key points on video mode.
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