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Samsung nx1 new firmware 1.31

Raymond Poulet

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Sandro, something like that has been tried before with no luck, but one more attempt would not harm. There should be two 'sections', one with suggestions, one with bugs. Ppl should be able to upvote, so to change the order of priorities in the list.

With the nx1?

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Yes there was a site but I don't find its url. If I do, I'll post it here.



Not video related, but I think that it would be very useful if someone with a color checker could try the following procedure and share the resulting files for nx1:


Thx in advance to anybody willing to help.

​Forget about NX1 bug report site, I didn't even find NX1 in the list of cameras when I tried reporting. I did write to them asking to include NX1, but got a generic response...will try again. Their telephone support, like a lot of support these days, has been terrible for me (tried twice): they don't seem to be trained in the camera at all and keep asking you to reset the camera for everything. If there's one ding for NX1, it's the Samsung support as of now.

Marco, about the color chart, was there something specific you wanted to test with NX1? As a general procedure, I don't see how it is camera specific. Also, IMO charts like this are of limited use unless you shoot in controlled environments like a studio. Outdoors, the lighting keeps changing between shots, forcing you to custom correct them by eye balling in post to match. For that reason, chart procedure is next to useless for video as well.

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Sekhar, thx for your reply. Actually I (and others) notice how the colors of raw imported in LR appear flat and dull, due to the lack of a camera profile for nx1 (something existing for nikons or canons).


Browsing in the internet I found the site I linked where they explain how to build camera specific profiles, to be used as a starting point. If you read there, they suggest a couple of conditions in which to take pics of the color checker.


I'd really like someone to do that and send me the resulting profile file (or even the pics of the color chart made with nx1).


Thx in advance if you can help.

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Found some youtube video's showing issues with version 1.30, but I can not reproduce. My NX1 is stable so far. However I do not have any Samsung lenses, all are old MF lenses via adapter.

Wish list:

-Also clean HDMI out with 1080p while record in 4K internally. Now 1080p out is showing the "display". This would enable streaming to youtube in HD while record in 4K.

-Real s-log

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  1. Improved "Color Temperature" of White Balance.
  2. Fixed UHD Movie recording bugs
    - Zoom lens + Tele condition > broken right side
    - Zoom lens + Tele + EVF condition > Image broken when you enable MF Focus Peaking
  3. Fixed FHD 120p Movie recording bug
    - Intermittently broken of some part of movie
  4. Keep the Focus mode under below condition
    - Movie Standby mode > Start recording > change the Focus Mode > Stop recording
  5. Overall fixed minor bugs
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Hi, guys. Ulises Rodriguez Pomba from NX1 Group on FB created a public document to research and complete by anyone about features and request for NX1:


On this FB group there is one guy who is very close to people who develop NX1... so Samsung engineers will probably check that (I hope so)


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I noticed that I'm getting those weird lines while recording in 120fps! Not sure if this happens with other resolutions. Let's see if the new firmware fixes it.
I see they fixed the manual focus setting in video mode? I'm testing that out.


Edit: I attached a sample, by the way you still need to set manual focus everytime you stop recording...unbelievable!


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Sandro, this 120 fps bug should be fixed in latest firmware. Also (with Samsung lenses) it stays in MF mode after recording video.

It doesn't work on my nx1, once I stop recording it goes back to auto focus when I hit the record button for a new video. I'm using the 16mm f/2.4

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