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Moire and aliasing all over NX1 footage! omg!

Brian Luce

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But on a 720 display. So presumably it's the scaling. Do we need to get a 4k display to determine where the real aliasing is and which is just scaling issues? I showed some footage to client and I was horrified by the ubiquitous aliasing, client actually said "your footage is beautiful". nonetheless, this could be a big prob in the future. 

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I was the one who said it's scaling and asked a specific question about 4k display. there is no negativity in this thread. 


"Moire and aliasing all over NX1 footage! omg!"

Yeah that thread title isn't negative toward the NX1 at all.

Also again I asked what you are playing it on currently, can't fix the problem without knowing if your playing it on a PC/Mac or on a TV. For PC Pot player is my current favorite to play the original H.265 files on, runs smooth with no scaling issues on my 1080p monitor.

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