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Pana LX100 (Still RAW question)


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I'm not a member on any other forums so I will try to get my question answered here even if it's not film related but still photo.


The Lumix LX100 RAW is RW2 files and I can't open it in ANY single program on my mac. I tried Lightroom, Bridge, Photoshop, Preview and nothing. I even did the "Convert to DNG" to be met with the text that it doesn't support the file format.


How am I going to be able to work with this file format?


Thanks in advance for your answers.



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It's fairly common that when new cameras come out, you'd have to wait for an update from the software developer to support the format. In this case, it makes especially sense, since the raw format will not use the normal sensor dimensions, but rather various crops - so I guess some tweaking was done. Adobe is usually fairly quick at coming out with updates though. In the meantime you could see if Panasonic has an app that supports it, or if any other free/trial software supports the new format.

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Since LX100 uses the same sensor as GX7, I was able to convert LX100 raw after running exiftool (download from http://www.sno.phy.queensu.ca/~phil/exiftool/) on raw files tricking it thinking those raws comes from GX7:
exiftool -model="DMC-GX7" <raw_file_name>
Then you could use raw converter of your choice which supports GX7(I think all do).
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