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Canon announces C100 Mark 2

Zach Ashcraft

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If 4k (Gh4) or video camera ergonomic (Canon C100) is not essential for you, I think a very good in between solution (for $ 700 more than gh4) is the Nikon D750. I think it must be the closest to the C100 type of camera in terms of very good 1080p resolution, very good low light, very good DR, no moire/aliasing and also very good colours out of camera. At worst from $70 to $700 you can add a loupe, external monitor/evf or Ninja, to get very good video camera functionality, even better than the gh4 (false colour, vectroscope) or with the Ninja, high bitrate codec in addition.

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EOSHD Pro Color 5 for Sony cameras EOSHD Z LOG for Nikon CamerasEOSHD C-LOG and Film Profiles for All Canon DSLRs

Not all the users of this forum are doing commercial work for clients. Some are doing creative personal work, some are shooting features, shorts, documentaries.  Personally I'd rather try and push the envelope and get a more unique look - with anamorphic on a full frame camera, in low light and with S-LOG for a fraction of the price of the C100. Though I can fully see why you might not want to do this on a commercial for a bank. Feel free to setup a new topic about that.


My example was to illustrate gain in the most basic way. But I think that 99.9% do a visual work for it to shown and to get some gratification from it. Be it, just some likes on facebook or on youtube or to be an international recognise artist. But for most of those who are low to no budget one man band shooter, the additional layer of knowledge and how to use it for colour grading is going to break many project.


I consider myself a good to very good colorist, in the sense that I have been a photographer/graphic designer the last 15 years and working a lot with RAW for a decade. But my mind boggles when I see those A7s grading threat. If you have to get that much yechnical knowledge to at least get a usable image !!!!!!!  How many will fail, will overdo etc etc and there image will look crap. This and 4k (too much detail that it will be difficult for set/props/costume design, make up etc) will be the downfall of many of I guest the geeky indie film-maker community.

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The framing is different on the window, so it's an invalid test for moire unfortunately.

​Nonsense. This is the difference you can expect. Also look at how clean the gray color is on the wall. 

He does some panning and the mkII never shows any moiré.

What shows up as a bad case of moiré here (but still untypical for a C100), sometimes revealed itself as a minor "nervousness" in fine textures when I had my C100. It's one of the things I like so much about the 1Dc: it has such a peaceful image. Tranquillising and soothing—yet well resolved and detailed where it needs to be.

Anyway, the C100 mkII is a significant upgrade and a solid contender for what it does. Highly recommended.

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