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Layover, a movie shot with a 5D (some thoughts)


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I've bought the first feature film from Joshua Caldwell, "Layover": I've bought the version with special content, and I'm very happy, because it is full of great informations.


I heartily recommend it to you all, it is really amazing and it's great to see that it's not the camera, but the man to make a great movie.

Joshua made it "guerrilla-style", with available lights, handelded, but there are many great scenes that I don't understand how he made so stable without a stedycam or a gimbal stabilizer (i.e. the scene with the girl walking in the airport at 00:08) or the scene with the bike (from 1:37).

Some little parts were made with a GoPro, but the most is shot with a Canon 5D. 

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