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flickering lights


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Hi everyone,


I will be shooting my brother's wedding this weekend  (there is a pro photographer who'll be taking picures so my job is of secondary importance and it's  basically to have some footage to turn into a music video). Anyway:), I have a question regarding the shutter speed. I do realize it should ideally be double fps, but I will be shooting at 30p and I know that the lights at the venue flicker at 60fps, so which would be the lesser evil: to increase my shutter to, say, 1/70 or decrease it to 1/50? Or maybe other values? How significantly would it affect the footage? Let's, for the sake of the argument, ignore the fact that I can shoot 24p. I'd appreciate any suggestions.




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You always have to be aware of differing frequencies. For example: With the GH2 I could shoot 23,98 fps with 1/50 shutter speed in my (50 Hz) country (same for 25 fps). For most LED lights I had to change to 1/40. Some camcorders allow to fine tune the shutter speed, until flicker and wandering bars disappear (> Clear Scan).


With the BMPCC, it's still possible to shoot 30 fps in european countries, but you have to change the normal shutter angle from 180° to 216°.

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