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  1. Hey fellas! Recently ditched my 5D3 for A7s. Mostly because of low light stuff but also for better slomo capabilities. Yesterday I tried 120p for the first time but I totally forgot about the flicker and WB was on auto so it doesn't went too well. Any tips on shooting extreme slomo indoors?
  2. Alright i finally got my hands on the video and finished it. Took me longer than forever but i had a whole bunch of non-video stuff to take care of. It's out on saturday - 88monkeez on youtube or try my blog zeemonkeeman.tumblr.com but i guess i will post here too just in case. For now here a little teaser. It's for Intagram originally for those who wondering. http://youtu.be/HTDaq2wiog8
  3. Hey everyone! Just wanted to share some stills from music video i'm workin on. My first video to be exact. Gonna finish it real soon i hope, there's only a bit of live action left to shoot but i got a lot of other things goin on so... I'll try to upload some footage later this week. Everything shot on 5Dmk3 ML RAW using raw2cdng processed in AE CS6 and partly in Resolve Lite. The video is for russian metal band called "Reborn" (song called "Your Life Beats In Hands"), they realising their first album later this year, so if you like this kind of music they totally worth hearing.   A little loop - http://coub.com/view/mo1hux2    
  4. Hey guys! I'm thinkin of sellin my anamorphic lens cuz i rarely use it. So i made this quick shot to show the quality of picture it delivers. Shot it with f=1.8 iso=5000, so you could see how it would look in tough cases. Indoors shot with Nature fader to consist shutter speed. I will use the lens for a couple more shots maybe. So i'll make a new post in Marketplace later on with photos and stuff, no price at the moment but you can send me prepositions anyway.    P.S. the lens better be used with something like 135mm on fullframe to avoid vignetting and artifacts. http://vimeo.com/56873541
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