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LUGGAGE Trailer - would love to hear your thoughts! (also, which camera...)

Jonesy Jones

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Been working on this one for a while and would love to hear your thoughts... critical or otherwise. 


This is the trailer to a feature film with a runtime of about 80 minutes. Was made with less than $8000 and a TON of sweat equity. Would be happy to share more info about the film if there is any interest. 




I'm also curious to know if the camera used is obvious. I assume it probably is.


Anyway, thanks for looking.




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Guest fe4a3f5e8381673ce80017d29a8375f1

Looks like a great film.


I think the CGI issue can be solved with a tiny bit of edge blur and perhaps a tiny bit of noise.


This looks like Canon APS-C or 5D MkII to me. Possibly GH3 but not quite sharp enough IMO. I'd go for 7D (non-RAW)

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