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Sony F5 hack unlocks 4K XAVC recording

Andrew Reid

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It already does 4K internal, it comes off the sensor as 4K and is debayered, all the hard work done and sent to HDMI rather than compressed and sent to the card. 4K compression is trivial. Mobile phon

Just like the previous post from Ben said. Do you have any idea how much time was spent developing your product? If you feel it's unethical to differentiate products solely based on software, then

View the Sony F5 'out of the box' specs at B&H here (and add 4K for free) Paul Ream (Twitter) has spoken about his simple unlocking technique for the F5 to unlock 4K XAVC recording. &#1

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I'm somewhat stumped here. As the instructions say:


To enable 4K at 23.98 enter:  150=4096,2160,1001,24000,1,1,0,8,0,0,0,1,1,1,6

But that is EXACTLY the same as what I see from my saved 001.ALL file!! :-/ :-( 

On 8/15/2016 at 7:56 PM, IronFilm said:

Nah, the paid upgrade allows proxy recordings at the same time internally as well I think? Plus there might be a few other differences I'm unaware of. 

Oh, and I can update my earlier comment with another difference... you don't get to see 4K playback internally! :-( Though you can see the thumbnails.

Thus I am using a Samuari Blade set to Sony trigger, as the easy no fuss way of having playback on set.

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