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  1. Did anyone test it against the original Osmo?
  2. Did anyone try the Osmo pocket against the original Osmo?
  3. I have 3 cats ? the worst that happened was also while I was out on vacation. I had the lenses in the shelf and when I arrived the Canon 24-105mm f/4 was on the floor. That's one of the reasons I wanna have the equipment accessible but secure.
  4. I'm not asking where you hide your gear or if it's under your bed. I just want to know what kind of shelf or cabinet you use, if it's always in the bags, or if you have built something DIY. I always had my cameras and lenses in a ikea kallax 4x2 shelf but I can't store my bags and tripods there, so I'm looking for another solution. Maybe a small wardrobe.
  5. I just moved to a new house and I'm looking for the best way to store all my gear. I want my cameras and lenses to be visible and easily accessible but also protected from my cats. How do you store your gear? Post some pics!
  6. I need a Canon 5D Mark III for a job this month, anyone in Europe is selling one for a good price?
  7. I usually don't delete, unless I'm 100% sure I won't need it. You can just mute those clips you're not using.
  8. I won't probably need 4k that much and when I do it will be just a few 5/10 second clips, so overheating won't be a problem, I hope. But I'm still open to suggestions.
  9. I'll probably go with the sony if I find an used one for a good price.
  10. It's too big, I just want a camera that I can put in my pants pocket and take everywhere. Most of the time I'll be shooting jpeg and 1080p but I wanna have the option to shoot raw and 4k if needed.
  11. I'm looking for a new compact camera for my vacation photography and video. For professional work I have my other cameras, this one is just for vacation and travel. I'm tired of carrying big cameras and lenses. I have a Canon SX40 but it's not good enough. This is what I'm looking for: - Very compact and discreet (pocket) - Raw pictures - 4k video - Slow motion - Mic input - Under 500€/600€ (used) I found these two: Panasonic LX100 and Sony RX100 IV/V Any other suggestion? The LX100 has a bigger sensor but Sony has slow motion and S-log2, which may be useful if I ever want to use it with my a7s. None of them have mic input.
  12. Which m43 lenses do you recommend for JVC LS300? I sold mine today and I've always used it with Canon and Nikon lenses with an adapter but the buyer is a wedding and event videographer and he wants to use AF, so I think he should probably stick with m43 lenses, am I right? I have a Panasonic 14-140mm f/3.5-5.6 but it vignettes and I had to crop, and f5.6 isn't enough. Does the Panasonic 14-35mm f2.8 or Olympus 14-40mm f2.8 also vignette?
  13. - Red One Mysterium-X body - PL Mount - Nikon Mount - 6x 16GB Red CF cards - Red SDI HD adapter - Red Pro LCD + cable - Magic arm - Red Cradle - AC adapter - Top handle + rails The camera doesn't have any problem. Has low hours (I think around 600h, but I can confirm it). It's located in Lisbon, Portugal. Price: 3500€ + shipping Email: fespinto@gmail.com
  14. The package includes: - Red One camera (around 300h) - PL Mount - Red Cradle - Red Pro LCD (has a small mark but works fine) + cable - 2x Red Drives (640GB and 120GB) + cable - Top handle and 2 rails The camera works fine but when is powered continuously for 7/8 hours some small red dots start showing in the image. I heard this is normal, it's due to sensor overheating. It was never a problem for me because I use it for 2/3 hours continuously maximum and then I turn it off to change set or batteries and the red dots never show up. The camera is located in Lisbon, Portugal. Price: 2500€ + shipping Email: fespinto@gmail.com
  15. I'm looking for a Canon C500 or Sony F5. Europe only. Email: fespinto@gmail.com
  16. Ok, thanks. Is it exactly the same as the paid upgrade?
  17. The internal 4k with this hack is 10 bit or 8 bit?
  18. And with the RAW update? I have an Atomos Assassin (HDMI only), can I record 10bit ProRes or is it SDI only?
  19. What's the FS5 4k HDMI output without the RAW upgrade? Is it 10bit or 8bit?
  20. Yes, I was talking about best image quality.
  21. What's the best 4k action camera in the market nowadays? GoPro is still the king? Maybe Xiaomi Yi 2?
  22. Anyone here uses this kind of cameras? I was thinking about buying one to play a little bit.
  23. I would go with Nikkor or Carl Zeiss if I could find them cheaper than Rokinon/Samyang but I'm not sure that's possible.
  24. I've been working with Canon EF zoom lenses for some years but I wanna buy a prime lens kit. I'm no longer using Canon cameras, so I don't mind using other mounts. I'll keep my zoom lenses anyway. Currently I'm working with Red One MX, Sony a7S and BMPCC cameras. This is what I'm looking for: - Manual apperture and manual focus - Wide apperture (around f1.4 is enough) - Maximum 2000€ for the kit I was thinking about buying the Rokinon/Samyang cine lens bundle with a 16mm, 24mm, 35mm, 50mm and 85mm (it costs around 2000€) but I have also worked with some old Nikkor and Carl Zeiss Planar and Sonnar (I have a Nikkor 55mm f2.8 and a Carl Zeiss Sonnar 180mm f2.8) and I liked it. Do you think I should go with the rokinons?
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