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  1. I think I'm going to mainly use the 12-35 for establishing the location and then use the 50mm (with a normal adapter rather than the speedbooster) for any details. As I've said it's all a huge (and fun) learning curve because it's so different from stills photography!
  2. I think I'll grab a couple of torches, clamps, stands and reflectors and see how I get on! I'm assuming bouncing the light will be best? There's a lot more to think about than with stills photography, but this is all part of the fun.
  3. Those look great. How successful could I be with a couple of reflectors and torches? I guess it's all part of the learning curve! This is interesting! This is the type of thing I need to learn!
  4. Would something like this and a reflector or two be any use? http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/311579926654
  5. I've seen some LED light sets, but I'm sort of out of budget at the moment, and the only ones I could realistically afford are the cheaper Chinese copies, and I'm not sure how much use (or how safe!) they would be.
  6. I'm going to be embarking on my first proper video project with my GX80 soon, which will be making short films of abandoned houses and other locations. This is already my main subject photographically and I'm keen to use video to give a greater sense of the wonderful atmosphere I feel when I'm exploring these places. This will mean shooting in less than ideal conditions as for obvious reasons these places are generally pretty poorly lit. This isn't an issue for stills photography, but I'm inexperienced when it comes to video in general and I'd love some advice and guida
  7. I was using the transitions wrong, I didn't realise that you needed to overlap the clips for them. I've found out now how to use them, and also to use the simpler fades, and everything's running fine now.
  8. Please ignore! I've realised what I was doing wrong!
  9. This is right on the money. For me, I could have spent more getting a somewhat higher end cam, but being on a budget ( and being purely a hobbyist) I would rather have a mid range camera with a few different lenses, than one high end camera and only a kit lens. Although the 12-23 is actually a great wee performer! It's very easy to get caught up in the gear side of things. I spent way too much money and time on cameras for still photography over the last few years, thinking that better kit equals better photos and while obviously it's a contributing factor in certain a
  10. I downloaded Davinci Resolve on the advice from this forum and I hae to say I'm very impressed with it especially for a free program. The only issue I've found so far is that when adding a simple crossfade transition between 2 clips (HD from a GX80) the transition really lags when playing on the timeline. When exporting it renders perfectly so in wondering if there are any tweaks I cam make to speed the timeline up. I have Davinci Installed on my SSD but the actual video's are loading from my standard drive. Ive tried playing around with the Smart cache option but it''s not made an
  11. I downloaded it last night, and it seems to run ok ( I've a fairly decent gaming GPU so hopefully that'll help). From what I can see the only thing that the free version can't do that I may have use at the moment is noise reduction, as much of what I intend to film is of an Urbex nature ( abandoned buildings etc). However I've just picked up a cheap generic Canon FD speedbooster on Ebay so I'm hoping that I'll be able to get a couple of cheap fast primes which should help in low light. Resolve looks more than enough for me at the moment, although coming from a photography/Photoshop
  12. Thanks! That Davinci Reslove looks great! I don't plan on exporting anything bigger than 1080, the only reason I'd be using 4k at the moment is for editing options.
  13. I've looked at getting Premiere Pro CC, but it would be out of my budget to get it. I currently just have the Photography sub from Adobe, Premiere would have to be got as a separate program and I can't justify the cost of that at the moment. This is why I had thought about a cheaper standalone program instead. Would Premiere Elements be a better choice than using Photoshop? I could pick it up fairly cheaply I probably should have mentioned that I'm trying my best to keep costs down as this is purely a hobby. I've been looking into using cheap vintage lenses with the GX
  14. HI all. I've jus moved from a DSLR to a Panasonic GX80. I am a competent enough photographer but I want to get into video making much more as I've found it to be something I really enjoy, hence getting the m43 camera. So i have a couple of questions. Firstly what's the general opinion of using Photoshop CC for editing video (bearing in mind I already own it and am familiar with it). Would I gain anything by buying a cheap standalone program (power director or premier elements for example)? Also if I was to shoot a low light video in 4K and then
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