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54 mentions of video vs 32 of photos in Nikon D810 press release

Andrew Reid

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13) Nikon D810 SDK will be available

Nikon is planning to release a Software Development Kit (SDK) for the D810 soon, which should allow companies to be able to write software to take interface with the D810. No more reverse-engineering mess to deal with, which will shorten the development times and allow third party developers and manufacturers to make great tools for the camera. If Nikon makes the D810 very open, we might even see third party addons like Magic Lantern for the D810. This is a huge deal and we are happy to see Nikon move towards being more open.

Read more: http://photographylife.com/24-things-you-need-to-know-about-the-new-nikon-d810#ixzz37Mw3gBgP

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Interesting thanks. Unfortunately the interpretation of the SDK in that article is wrong.


It is for software development on a PC for example, that interfaces with the camera. It will not allow custom software to run on the camera let alone custom firmware.


The SDK has already been available for a wide range of other Nikon DSLRs so is not even new...




And thread here on Nikon Hacker is worth a read https://nikonhacker.com/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=2096

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Guest Ebrahim Saadawi

I know you are rolling your eyes, BUT AFAIK, Nikon was the first to virtually eliminate moire', and aliasing while still retaining image detail using onboard camera image processing.


Seems they actually somehow did fix the moire and aliasing on the D810, and it has a stop advantage in high ISO.

Since these two were my only issues with the D800 image, I think it's a great video camera now. Especially with the added zebras, uncompressed HDMI, log profile.

I can't think of another camera that does both stills and video at that level of quality.
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