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Anamorphic Workflow with Final Cut Pro X


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Hello everybody

I have just received my Kowa 16H and followed your instructions in the great anamorphic guide but i have a question about the aspect ratio during the workflow.

I work on Final Cut Pro X (not 7) and i can't find the aspect ratio settings and my researches on the web did not help me.

is anybody have got the answer? (Sorry for my english)


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EOSHD Pro Color 5 for Sony cameras EOSHD Z LOG for Nikon CamerasEOSHD C-LOG and Film Profiles for All Canon DSLRs

Also, remember that you can now set a manual aspect ratio for the project - this means that you are no longer stuck with 1920x1080 & the black bars, but can now choose to stretch & not only squeeze the footage.

This means you can get 3840x1080 & not just 1920x540 - it should mean that you could also choose other aspect ratios such as 2.93:1 or 2.66:1 & automatically crop the footage by adjusting the x or y axis in the Transform tab.

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You should be able to make custom Project sizes now, but if you can't...

If you want to create a bigger anamorphic template or just have a template that dispenses with the black bars within a 1902x1080 wrapper, then you can create a blank template in Motion (with a custom size etc..), export it as a movie file & then lay it down in a FCPX project & then place your footage on top of it.


This video explains how to make a custom template:



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Hi, I recently bought the eoshd guide which has some great info in it. Unfortunately I use fcpx and couldn't see a way to stretch my footage as described by the fcp7 workflow in the guide. So after tinkering for a while I found what seems like a great alternative to simple squashing the X axcis. It used both techniques to create what appears to be a visually better image, so I thought I'd share. 

1. Open project settings

2. Modify horizontal resolution under custom resolution tab as described in the eoshd guide

3. Insert footage into timeline- it will be smaller and unstretched at this point

4. Change the X axcis to appropriate height: 0.67 for 1.5x, I use 0.7

5. Increase the total size of the image with slider at the top of transform menu, to fill the aspect ratio which should be correct


This appears to give a better image than just squashing X axcis




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IMO it is best to first make your timeline and decide your delivery resolution/ratio. Then drop in your footage and stretch the horizontal by scaling it 2X.

How do I go about stretching horizontal by scaling 2x in  fcpx? It's really doing my head in! 



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