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  1. Don't forget to move the front ring forward , you hear a little snap and then you can focus with that frontring...
  2. Aha, so not on the mark II?
  3. Don't have the money for zacutos EVF or a small HD monitor that can squeeze in realtime. Then I thought of installing Magic Lantern on my 5Dmk2, because ML can display anamorphic. My question is if ML even displays anamorphic on a cheaper HD monitor that does not squeeze anamorphic. But does ML do that to any monitor via the HDMI port???
  4. landulf


    Where can I see how many exposures my Canon 5d mk2 has taken/made?
  5. landulf


    Where can I see how many exposures my Canon 5d mk2 has taken/made?
  6. But what focal length do u get if you put on a diopter +1 and +2 etc…?
  7. landulf


    What is really the difference between Sankor D,F,C etc… ???
  8. So if I use my sankor 16D x2 with a nikkor 85 mm I get 85x2=170. 170/2=85. So is 85 correct?
  9. Im new to this and have a question. If I shot with a anamorphic 70 mm lens and a 85 mm taking lens, then whats the true focal length? If I shot with only a 50 mm then its 50 mm, but here its easy to get confused.
  10. Bought the schneider ES Cinelux Anamorphic 2x MC. But today I got over a schneider ISCO Ultra Star Cinemascope Integrated 70mm Anamorphic 35mm for 50€. So my question is, which one to go with and which one to sell?
  11. landulf


    Thanks a million….. :D
  12. landulf


    Im using the latest Final Cut Pro. I have an iMac 27" with 12 gb ram. The projects are only max 5 min.
  13. landulf


    Im new to this and I have an iMac, 5Dmk2 and final cut Pro. Which is the best workflow with these things if I want best quality on Youtube and Vimeo? Thanks in advance...
  14. How do you adjust the lens sideways, on the rig?
  15. Is there any Diopters for sankor 16 d? If there is, where do I put them? Front of the Sankor lens?
  16. landulf

    Hack for 5Dmk2

    Im new to this and have a 5Dmk2. Is there any hacks to this camera or what can you do?
  17. If u shot anamorphic can u have nd filter in a matte box in front of the lens?
  18. I have a 5dmk2 and want something that fits with that...
  19. The seller has refunded and cancelled the buy. Thanks a million to you all out there. So, who do I buy from. Is there any on this forum that is trusted and fair?
  20. It says isco  on the lens side.
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