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Multicopter camera | 90% photos | up to max 400 euro


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Looking for a camera that shoot good photo in raw ( 90% photo, 10% video ) from aerial multicopter.
Weight doesn't matter so much, but of course ( lower=better).

It's only about keeping the price of camera+lens low - below 400Euro here due to possible crash.

It would be great to have a built in stabilisation in lens.

Shooting in auto or just set ISO, shutter speed and aperture and fly.
Pictures every few seconds via timer for few minutes and than landing. Shooting photos in RAW would be good idea. 1080p is additional to shoot from ground.

This is the list of what I've find:
1. EosM + 18-55kit

2. A3000 + 18-55kit
3. Nikon1S2
4. E-PM2
5. E-PL3
6. some compact camera, maybe rugged compact?
7. Samsung NX2000
8. Samsung NX1100
9. E-PL5
10. Samsung NXmini
11. Nikon 1 S1 / S2 and others

What would be the best from the list?
any other suggestions?

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EOSHD Pro Color 5 for Sony cameras EOSHD Z LOG for Nikon CamerasEOSHD C-LOG and Film Profiles for All Canon DSLRs

Sony RX100, get a mark 1 cheap (Sony just introduced the mark III). Same sensor size as Nikon 1, but better image quality.

Or if you want cheap: old Panasonic GF3/GF5, you can get the body for around 150 euros or less.

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RX100 is nice but consider the Panasonic GM1 as well... More flexibility with the interchangeable lenses. The tiny pancake 12-30mm has OIS stabilisation and it's sharp, whilst keeping the weight down to RX100 levels.


RX100 has stabilisation that is very effective but but video quality is better on the GM1 and the stills are slightly cleaner due to larger sensor, so you could fly in twilight and get some nice moody shots, especially with a fast aperture prime on it like the Olympus 12mm F2.0.


BTW if you use a fast shutter speed, why do you need stabilisation for stills?

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Thanks Julian & Andrew.
Araucaria - yes, this is the main problem. Microvibrations.

I am dividing aerial filmaking into:
1: GH4 with good lens - best for the most of videos. That's all.

2: GoPro 3+ and H3-3D gimbal - best for pocket copter travel filmaking. Fits in 1 hard case.
3: Red Epic and others - it's like 1DX and C300 on the ground. For specific situations, not every day.

So, it's great to capture videos via GH4 from a gimbal. GM1 is great as a pocket camera. The problem is that
it's just nearly 3 times ( ~ 850 USD ) more expensive than other cameras in shops ( ~280USD ).

I am keeping the price low due to all copters reliability and strictly photo-copter-stuff use.
Sometimes it's better to have a gear that doesn't cost a lot :-)

used RX100 ~300USD on Ebay - Ok :-)

Why I am looking for mirrorless? For lens replacement possibility.

I've searched the shops and I've found:
E-PM2 + 14-42 IIR
E-PL3 + 14-42
GF5 + 14-42
GF3 + 14mm 1/2.5
A3000 + 18-55
EOS M + 18-55

Nikon 1S2


I am thinking about E-Pm2 vs GF6 vs Nikon S2?
What do you think of this three - the best?


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Panasonic G6 has wifi control of the whole camera via your Iphone


so you can take photos , alter iso , shutter speed, pull focus etc all via wifi while the copter is flying


plus its small and light and the kit lens is stabalised

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Yeah, I've finished comparing it all and it seems that E-PM2 with sensor stabilisationis the best idea.

So, going for E-PM2 :-)

1. Would you recommend any polarizer filter for 14-42?
2. Do you have any info about "good settings", some software or some tricks that you think are important to know for PM2?
3. Do you recommend some special lens for this camera as a second lens to 14-42?
I've thought about getting Canon 50 and M4/3 adapter.

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1 - Just get a good multi coated one. Doest have to be mega expensive but don't get the cheapest ones (Hoya is good price/performance imo).


2 - General advice: don't set the aperture at f/11 or higher, go for f/4 or f/5.6, maximum f/8. Since it is a small sensor (2x crop) the depth of field is huge and actually you are losing sharpness because of diffraction at apertures above f/5.6 You might choose to stop down to f/8 if that makes corner sharpness better, but at wide angles I'm pretty sure f/5.6 will give good/best results for the kit lens.

I wouldn't go for full auto settings. Just go for aperture control with, or shutter speed priority in low light. you could use auto iso if the light is unpredictable (in low light), but on a sunny day, f/5.6 at iso 200 (lowest) will give perfectly fine shutter speeds I think.


3 - Depends what you want... you can get m43 adapters for pretty much any exotic lens mount on ebay for $10, there's plenty of old glass you can pick up for next to nothing. Cheap enough to experiment...

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