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How to avoid Blackmagic Production Camera 4K fixed pattern noise

Andrew Reid

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Kinda off topic, but i have seen this noise in my Sony a3000 and now i know how to call it. Funny enough it shows mostly at iso100 and is not exactly in the blacks, it's more like in the dark grays. I use the a3000 as a backup camera and when i want to shoot longer shots (it doesn't overheat) and i avoid iso100 alltogether, iso1600 is a big mush with no detail so i basically have a camera with 3 exposures for video: 200, 400, 800.

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That is a photo from the Apertus / axiom camera website, they are working on an open source 4k camera and it's using the same CMOSIS sensor as the BMPC, as best I can tell. It looks the same and has identical stats and FPN noise issues. 


They were explaining with the photo how they were subtracting the noise in the FPGA though, I want to try doing it in a compositor.. but I don't have the footage.


The main project is about to start crowd funding:




Where they talk about the FPN issues:




You can do this in Neat Video too, by creating profiles for different white balances and ISOs and so on


For FPN you could get a noise sample with the lens cap on.


It's tru that it'd best to do it in the camera though.

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Nah. If they can do it for the Pocket they can do it for all of the other MFT's too. And anyway, I don't think Andrew would describe it as incredible - it would be great news, but we've been waiting for it for ages. This sounds more like a surprise to me ...


Well, it's a Blackmagic thread. He mentioned it in the GH4 review too which is MFT. Brian from Metabones said it's going to be released any day now so it makes sense. Who knows though....

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Guest d5f8611fa423d0e628c016f9d5c93b47

Well, it's a Blackmagic thread. He mentioned it in the GH4 review too which is MFT. Brian from Metabones said it's going to be released any day now so it makes sense. Who knows though....


Yeah looks like you are right. Not just EF-MFT though - looks like it will be a lot faster/wider than the other speed boosters (possibly making GH4 full frame?).

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HA, this has turned into the breaking product news thread..


Going a little back on topic, just did this for FPN noise recorded in film gamma mode. 



Sorry, don't want to "overpost" this. I made a static image of a BMPC's noise fingerprint and then subtracted it. Gonna do some background footage soon hopefully.

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Same huge problem with 7D RAW video here. 


I have found this topic, I do not know if it solve the problem, my english is not perfect (really far...) and maybe I misunderstand. But I will give a try.





I got 7D only because I wanted to shoot in RAW (video) but the stripes are so heavy, so I really hope to find out a productive solution.


All the CANON camera that I have tryed suffer from vertical banding  fixed pattern noise. So this problem is really old. But nobody talk about it. I wish to know if esod HD talked about it in the past 5D, 7D, Rebel Series, etc, etc... series. Nobody in every website I visited talked about it. and the most always said that the image quality from canon DSLR were oustanding. But in low light "vertical banding" is everywhere. 

I cannot understand why anybody never talked hard about this problem. maybe I guess could be because Canon camera are the main tool of works of many people so they want so keep clean the "image" of theyr tools. I'm totally wrong and stupid talking about this I hope

With ML i have noticed a lot of this lines on + EV setting used in a very dark scene with only a camp fire to light it, after this i started to notice lines, somethimes on 0 EV set

the lines disappear with setting of negatives values on EV accordingly with the ISO used (ML ISO). 

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