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What about story telling?


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I think all the suggestions are good, and if we are to work and discuss and play in the "creativity and ideas" section then may I suggest we label each new thread/idea/project appropriately to identify it as part of this initiative. My suggestion would be "EOS HD Salon - (insert your title)", so for example - EOS HD Salon "please comment on story clarity" or EOS HD Salon "does my grading contribute to the story?" Etc etc.

By labeling it (and posting it under Creativity and Ideas) we would be creating a loose but organised collection of like minded artists. To this end the creative idea of a salon seems most fitting.

Check this out http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Salon_(gathering)

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Different forums for different purposes, I suppose.  For storytelling and structure, I.. *sigh* read the reddit screenwriting forum and listen to some podcasts.  For workflow (editing and fx), I watch tutorials, film riot, and the like.  For keeping up to date on gear and the like, I prefer EOSHD over things like PB's site which really just come across as one big advertisement in a lot of ways, although I still read through on occasion.  

Honestly, I'm trying to get out of GAS (gear acquisition syndrome) mode and back into film mode.  It was so much easier when I just had a camera (gh2), a hack, and a rented Voigtlander 25mm + variable ND filter.


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