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Check out this Music Video i shot on the FX3.

The Camera is a massive upgrade to the A7iii. In Postproduction it was pretty easy to improve the lighting due to the 10 bit and it was finally possible to shot nice summer wether with Sony. But then you upload it to Youtube and the compression messes it all up...

Check it out! Looking forward to your feedback!

Of course it would really help the artist if you would comment or like on youtube.



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love it. wondering if dv cam look or at least 480p from a ccd would have worked as well. Content is queen n king in your video. Of course with DV or any old school camcorder format the highlights would have been really ugly but some HD scanlines in Post would work.:) Anyway, nicely shot and edited. Sommer, Sonne, Kaktus! 🙂

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