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Sneak preview - 5D Mark III Zeroed AA Filter - First footage for download

Andrew Reid

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[quote author=Andrew Reid link=topic=621.msg5276#msg5276 date=1336882145]
This video has been deleted. Anyone know why? And does anyone have a copy?

I have a copy (63MB). The resolution and quality was worse than stock. Can you test your no-OLPF (single) 5D3 on the same resolution chart (http://www.graphics.cornell.edu/~westin/misc/res-chart.html) and post the results?

One thing that may be happening is while resolution may not increase, acutance might.
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[quote author=peppebadala link=topic=621.msg5202#msg5202 date=1336700183]
resolution does improve... i still dont know why people are saying it doesnt...

Can you test with this chart: http://www.graphics.cornell.edu/~westin/misc/res-chart.html and post the results?
See also https://vimeo.com/39517721
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