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  1. JPEG will do just fine.... no need for raw, i said it at no film school ... really no need for raw... 1920 x 720 of a true JPEG its gonna be much better that the upscaled muddy "HD"
  2. [quote author=Andrew Reid link=topic=621.msg5283#msg5283 date=1336910692] Normal class 10 is fine. [/quote] i sent you an inbox... cheers man
  3. sure thing.... listen i have a question i know it doesn't belong to this topic, but waht kind of cards are you suing for ALL-I , is normal class 10 ok? the thing is that i  ve seen the footage in FCP and says the bitrate is like 5mbs... shouldn't it say 90? just wondering... thanx man.
  4. about 150 dollars...  the guy was ver nice... he only said "you took something off this camera?" the mk iii hasnt even gotten to Guatemala yet... if you get cameras here its super expensive, the mk ii is about 5,500 dollars...  i get my stuff from the states... but you know what andre if you take it to a canon service center and say i am in a hurry please check whats wrong with this or clean the sensor or something, they will do it... i am shooting a documentary, so basically i told the guy i needed it by yesterday. they cant turn your back on you just because you decided to take off something from the camera  8) they guy was so nice that he took some pictures of my "wrong procedure"... take it to canon it will be allright
  5. yeah... i got my IR filter a little dirty in the procedure, so i took it to canon here in Guatemala, the autofocus wasnt working so the technician got everything back in to place, cleaned the sensor, cleaned the contacts... autofocus is working, focus is in the right place... only the auto cleaning problem, so i turned it off ive been working only with the 24 - 105 L f4 and the 70 - 200 L f4 ... focus in 24mm is perfect... have many people done this? i will be posting some footage soon... resolution does improve... i still dont know why people are saying it doesnt...
  6. :D loving the results... nothing to loose... only the will of not doing it! bodies come and go, machines should serve men we cant have them in altar
  7. Hey man... did the same modification to my mk III what settings did you use on your picture profile... i am using technicolor... waht do you reccomend... still had sharpness +1 even without the filter but the image looks a bit funky... a bit too electric
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