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what camcorder


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Hello, i am looking for advice for a camcorder

I already use a mirrorless, a Fuji XT3, foir my video work, and i want some fast to use. So no lens change, no time limit, zoom on machine, better if nd filters..so you know the difference.

One point where i start from is the sensor, that should be no less than 1 inch, for better perfomances. Then good autofocus, best if with nd filters..

At the momenti i am focusing on the sony ax700 (even 2 hand), this will tell you the budget i have also. I see there are lots of other camcorder available, and also some camera "bridge" that can work as camcorder.

I ask you some suggestions on the ax700 or alternatives

Thanks a lot

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I had the Sony AX100 for that kind of thing but sold it and replaced it with it’s tiny brother, the Sony ZV1.

Same sensor, unlimited recording (if you set it to do so), constant faster aperture, but doesn’t have the same zoom reach obviously.

If weddings start up for me in the second half of this year, it will be on a lightweight tripod doing full length ceremony and full length speeches.

Next year however, it will go to backup as my S5 will take over that roll. 30 minute limit in 10bit I know, but that’s OK as I will just stop/start at an appropriate moment.

Battery life is utter trash however, but easily fixed with a small power bank and a Smallrig clamp on the tripod.

The AF is great and you cannot trust the AF on the AX100 camcorder…as I found out on one job! Manual focus from that point onwards!

Unless you really need the long zoom, some of these compacts or bridge cameras can do the same job?

In the Sony camp, the RX10 line is again the same 1” sensor and I had the last one before they went silly with the zoom for the same purpose and that also worked well.

For me though, the ZV1 was ‘the answer’ all things considered.

Makes a great personal travel camera also.

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On 6/14/2021 at 8:53 AM, MrSMW said:

Same sensor, unlimited recording (if you set it to do so), constant faster aperture, but doesn’t have the same zoom reach obviously.

No overheating issues either? 


There aren't a ton of great budget camcorders out there these days unfortunately. Most are terribly outdated. 

The ZV1 or something like the Lumix DMC-FZ2500, which has internal ND, is probably your best bet. 

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