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70 - 200mm Zoom Lens Help

Henry Gentles

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Depends what your looking to shoot and what your budget it is. If you dont need AF then the Nikon 80-200 is really good for the price, and can fit on Canon EOS body's. The new Tamron is good price and is really nice what what it is. The old Tamron is great for film because its really sharp but sllllloooooowwwww AF. 

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I think I'm gonna save up and go with the F4 Canon 70 -200mm which is $650 new.


What kind of stuff do you plan on shooting (for stills)? I'd honestly just get the lens you need for stills and worry about your video needs afterwards. If you need 50mm or 150mm for video, you can find plenty of cheap solutions that will get the job done. Video is pretty forgiving, and the lens you use can easily get lost in all the variables of video (grading, camera movement, pacing, sound, DSLR performance, etc...). Where as with stills, a good lens can make or break you. 

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I have buy 70-200mm F4L a week ago for like 400$ used from a friend who claims he made like 500 pics with this lens. And i can say it is a good and sharp lens for photo outdoors (did not try indoors yet), maybe you will miss IS but focusing works great.


As for video you will need a tripod or movi for stabilized shoots ;D


Also good thing is that the lens is not heavy.


But like Andrew says look for Canon 80-200mm F2.8L, i will cuz i will use it manly for video and f2.8 for low light.


Here are some pictures made with 70-200mm F4L.http://ergozjeci.smugmug.com/Photography/

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