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Want to Buy - Diopters

Stuart Hooper

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Hi guys...


I'm finishing a feature soon that has been shot mostly anamorphic on the LA7200.  Lot of documentary and exterior type scenes but now I'm getting into fiction and dialogue and need to really kit the adapter out.  I was positive when Letus announced their adapter that it would be the route I would go but I just can't find enough footage to convince me about it...something seems off, Letus won't answer my questions, whole thing is weird. 


As such I'd like to get the LA7200 at the peak of where it can be.  As messed up as it is, it seems to have something special.  Remains to be seen if it will hold up in front of a GH4 but I have to try.  


I cannot find anything on ebay.  I can pay via credit card or paypal and shipping is to Florida.  


I'd be looking for a Kenko +.3 105mm or similar, any of the larger .25 or even .5 options, and/or whatever else you guys suggest but I tend to go wide so smaller stuff won't work.



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Stuart, if you haven't seen it, Eyepatch Films came up with an interesting technique for decent stops and sharpness on the LA7200 with a smaller +.25 between the taking lens and the LA7200:



...it's very dependent on the right combination of pieces but as an option it might be something useful.

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    • By Richard Peretti
      Hi guys,
      Found this packed away in the loft. Haven't used it in years. Open to offers, UK only please.

    • By Matthew Marshall
      Trying to understand / fix the LA7200 to make it clearer, less CA, sharper and more usable. Building a lens from other lenses to attempt to do this.
      In any case, im trying to understand what is causing the issues in general using the LA7200 on DSLR or Blackmagic cinema camera.

      Is it because of the sensor cropping then? The LA7200 was designed for a 4:3 sensor crop therefore it will not work correctly on the BMCC, or larger sensors?
      Or is it simply a design flaw overall of the LA7200 , poor lens design / poor coating
      If it is a crop sensor issue, what is happening on the LA7200 to cause issues because the sensors are larger crop.
      Is the back lens element simply too small, where the image is being projected against the taking lens too small therefore when desqueezed you see parts of the image you really should not? i.e. the taking lens and the sensor is capturing too much of the la7200?

      By adding a diopter behind it does that then, make it larger i.e. projects less of what is seen from the front of the la7200 to the sensor?

      Or is it more complex than this.

      I have tried using a diopter behind the LA7200 i think its a Tokina 0.5 Not sure. I mean it says No 0.05 so I dont know at this point. In any case it does not seem to help.

      Just trying to understand, thanks anyone that can help.
    • By Matthew Marshall
      I have a question regarding the LA7200, basically in order to focus you would to move the back lens element or front. Would that be correct? Would it be possible to allow focus by adding another lens element behind the flat back lens element. Not sure how the image is presented by the square back of the LA7200.

      Im currently in the process of modifying it and frankensteining the lens with old junked vintage lenses to make it one whole lens that does not need a taking lens. Just want to make sure I have the physics right.

      Thanks in advance.
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      hi guys, i started a vimeo channel dedicated to my anamorphic test with LA7200 and GH2, speedbooster and CANON FD lens.
      Do feel free to take a look and comment.
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      selling my gold ultra star close focus at 5 feet, comes with a helios 44-2, +1,+2,+4 diopter set, nd filter, step up rings, vid atlantic clamp. going for $350 or best offer. http://www.ebay.com/itm/anamorphic-lens-bundle-/261587403668?
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