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synco g1 opinion

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I finally went back to Rode wireless Go but the newer version, as I left them in the first place last year because I needed dual transmitters. Now that they have this I'm all in, because I'v never encountered any problems with the first version of the Wireless Go. 
And now that they included the ability to record a safety track in case you encounter some dropouts, I think this is the best way to go for the budget and the skills I have. 
Maybe if you have the budget (just a little more than the Synco products that I would never recommend to anyone), go Rode.

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6 hours ago, stefanocps said:

well i understand what you say, that said sometimes there are situation where a compromise is required.

Sure, being in the sound department you quickly grow to accept your priority is ranked looow down. That's why I gave a range of options that I listed.

2 hours ago, Trankilstef said:

I stand with ironFIlm on that one. I encountered the same issues with audio dropouts again on a mini doc and I decided to send them again, and forget about this brand, forever !!

Perhaps not "FOREVER"!
That's a looooong time. 
Perhaps in five or ten years time they'll have grown up and worked out their issues, and have refined products. Many of these Chinese companies are developing very fast. (but still falling way shorts, as they've got a looooong way to go)

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9 hours ago, IronFilm said:

and reporting problems found with it...

Yep the first batch might have some issues but some of them are not hardware issues so fixed with the latest firmware update. I personally tested mine the past couple of days and didn't have any issue whatsoever.


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