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Panasonic Lumix G9 | 4k HLG Short Film | Sarasota Untamed


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2 hours ago, Mr. Freeze said:

If you wanted this very saturated look, it is very dominant and to strong for my taste though. Is this a 10-Bit-Codec?

But I didn´t like the fake Blur. Like TomTheDP said, it looks artificial and it doesn´t really blend in nicely.

As far as the codec, yes its 10-bit HLG. 

I initially used the blurring effect on the close-up of the flower because i wanted that shot to look like it had more depth of field. Then I experimented on the other shots too, but yes I do realize that it doesn't look as good, especially on the wide shots. 

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I guess it can be used for some simulated tilt shift lens effect, but extending the DOF-Effect is a tricky thing. It might be better to get as much as possible with aperture and distance to the object  and maybe put a power window on your object of interest, and pushing exposure/contrast a bit in post in resolve.

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