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Yet Another Hove Beach Video

Tim Sewell

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Yet another bargain - Sony FS5 Mki for GBP1100! So off to the beach I go. Unfortunately I went with the wrong lens still attached, so some of these shots are a bit soft. This was on SLog2 with SGamut. Now working on some stuff in SLog3 with Sgamut3.cine, which I'm advised should give better results.

Thoughts on the camera

I really like the size and the ergonomics. WB setting is a little cranky and I wish I could map push AF to one of the handgrip buttons, but overall I'm really enjoying it - especially the 10bit HD 4:2:2 and the S&Q modes. I haven't even tried the 4K yet. Obviously the AF is the definition of shonky compared to the C100 mki with DPAF that I sold to buy this.


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Thanks for the kind words - I've shot tons of family stuff etc since getting the camera and I think I'm starting to get used to it (and developing the muscle memory to hit the Push AF button - my biggest gripe thus far!) Having in the past used a FS700 I don't find the menus etc too intimidating, thankfully!


The lens was an EF-fit Tamron 18-200. It was OK on my C100, but, of course, no AF with my Commlite EF-E adaptor on the FS5 and it hasa a focus throw of about 20degrees or something stupid like that, making manual focus a challenge. Also I was using the Clear Image zoom a lot, which really shows up any deficiencies in your lens's sharpness. As a comparison, when I used that facility the other day with my Super Takumar 20mm f4.5 you couldn't really tell the difference between the image straight through and the image digitally zoomed.

*edited to add missing closing parens.

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