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Canon silently recalling EOS R5?

Andrew Reid

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1 hour ago, Davos said:

This is the ridiculousness of the situation. Canon is missing out on a BUNCH of sales over this. You see numerous people on forums stating they'd buy if the limitations weren't there but as they are they won't. People aren't stupid, these cameras aren't impulse buys, they're very considered decisions and this news is EVERYWHERE camera people go online.

Canon makes it's money on the glass, all these missed body sales means no high margin glass sales. If they'd just delivered 4K 60 HQ 4:2:2 unlimited int people would be snapping them up and I honestly don't see how that would have hurt their C line much. Canon just got silly with hype-y specs.

Yes, completely agreed.  They have a generational change of lenses and need to get people to buy into the line to secure their future. They should be making a market busting camera to secure the ecosystem. The R5 (and R6) appeared to be just that, until the heating unreliability. 

They have 45% market share, but I really think they could have had 60-70% share if they had been aggressive a few years ago.  My read is they were on a great path until about 2012/2013 to completely dominate the camera market (everyone had a 5D II or III, everyone had Canon glass) and then they just seemed to fall asleep until about a year or two ago with the R series emergence, allowing Sony to become a major force.  They have good lenses and they now have a camera that is very close to being the leader in the industry if unleashed. But instead they choose to protect the C series and are foregoing sales on the R5, R6 and and a ton of lenses.  And the weird thing is it doesn't even benefit the C series in most cases, people are just going to buy into the Sony ecosystem instead.

It seems like they are leaving a lot of money on the table (and have been for awhile).  


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2 hours ago, zerocool22 said:

True but there is no hybrid IQ wise as good as the bm pockets. But ibis, photography, AF do have their selling points. I will get a hybrid and just keep the pockets and ump for other style projects.

I agree that IBIS, AF and photography is needed, which is why I want a good fullframe with them to supplement my other cameras.  My work is varied and require a number of cameras and gear to meet different jobs and requirements.  Hybrids certainly have their place, but I have to look at the cost of buying into a new system and what I'm getting for it in returns.  For now I may just settle for the new Panasonic, something cheap and basic, until something much better is released to invest in.  £4k is a lot and none of the current fullframes on offer quite meet what I really need, making it much harder to select one over the other.

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