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5D3 Magic Lantern 15 stops DR now?


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It's old news. The technique uses interlacing on the sensor with alternate lines exposed at different ISOs, then blended in post to create the final high dynamic range image.


The problem for video is that it creates a TON of moire and aliasing plus a drop of almost half in terms of resolution! None of the headline grabbing articles ever mention this though, because it's click-bate drivel.


This technique is more useful for stills, but is it really needed? You can easily just blend three burst mode frames together bracketed at different exposures if you want 15 stops.


The latest 1 stop improvement is just a tweak, and it's what engineers like doing best. Maximising every ounce of performance from their code. This is understandable but I'd rather Magic Lantern took a long hard look at usability and implemented new features on that side. For instance putting the Canon menu functionality for video frame rate and resolution into the unified Magic Lantern menus. Have a feature that forces the camera to record to CF card not the SD card slot when a CF card is inserted. Have an option for no overlays like in the 3:2 full screen no-info display mode but 16:9. Little boring things like this would make my life a lot easier when shooting raw on the 5D Mark III.

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