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Personal review of GH3


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Thank you for the review!

I have had the GH3 for about a week now and I absolutely love it!
I have a little problem with holding the camera stabilized though (as I have only non stabilized lenses) so I just ordered the Sevenoak Shoulder support rig SK-R01 (only 79€).
I also use a good video tripod.
But I fully agree of your review!
To me it is the best hybrid camera for a reasonable price.

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Thanks for sharing your review. It was quite praising. Are you perfectly happy with handling GH3 and managing settings. I find difficulties with changing photo/video because modes are not independant and camera suggest always same exp values for video and photos.


You say that GH2 has better resolution. It may be in paper (5000px vs 4600px) but in my tests GH3 still resolves more in video and photos.

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My short "review" or rather first impressions of the GH3:

- Video (codecs, manual control etc.)
- Ergonomics (at least for me); I love the grip and all the buttons!
- Touch/Swivel display
- Weather sealing

- Image quality on the photo side of things

Would like to have (like the G6, GX7)
- Focus peaking

My conclusion:

For me the GH3 is a great videography and hybrid photography tool.
I am going to use this camera mainly for the video side of things (for photos I have my Fujifilm X-E1 and X100s, and Olympus OM-D E-M5).
My GH3 will mainly be tripod-mounted or on a rig for stabilization. The camera complement my other cameras perfectly as they aren't as good for hybrid or strictly video.
I am greatly satisfied after the first week with the GH3. It surpassed my greatest wishes for it, the wishes I had before it arrived.

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I have yet to see a good stabilizer option for the Gh3. Currently I use a monopod with a shoulder pad. 




yes the GH3 is different in PASM modes compared to Canon or Nikon. I shoot with 180 degree angle so that's how it's set up. I have to be very careful though if I do photography. 


For resolution, the GH3 has more in photography but the GH2 resolves more in video. No big difference though


@Ramirez - I'd love to try out the IBIS in the Olympus EM5 or EM1 !

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Many say hacked GH2 resolves more in video than GH3 but I havent seen any proofs of it ever. I have both and I have shooted resolution charts and I have compared resolution tests by others and my conclusion is that GH3 resolves a little bit better than GH2. GH2 has though less moire but more aliasing.

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