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Which Lumix MFT camera to buy...for stills only

Dr. John R. Brinkley

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You can get GF3 bodies for $100 and use any of your MFT lenses on them.  The camera is nice and small.  I have one.  


I also have a Sigma DP2s.  That's what I want to take out, and do, if light is good.  Some basic things I want to point out.  


1. Larger sensor wins over small sensor

2. Fixed prime lens engineered to sensor wins  (Sigma DPs, Fuji X100S, Sony RX1, Ricohs)

3. Zoom lenses aren't very good until you get over the $1,000 range.


Bottom line, the GF3 is all the camera you need to shoot stills in MFT.  If you want a real "film" like camera you need to spend at least $700 (or find something used) and I'd go with Fuji or Sigma.  I'd also consider the Canon Gx1, used.

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I'm not looking to spend $700 though I'm sure I would appreciate the image more.

The wife will use this camera as well so something with some auto features for her and manual features for me would be a good balance.

I was intrigued by lumix because their lenses have IS on the lens which would benefit the Pocket camera. However, IS on the olympus body would allow me an advantage to use old legacy glass with dumb adapters.

Based on all these suggestions I'll look into the Olympus to see if I can afford the PEN models.

I appreciate the feedback.

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I have a BMPCC for video but want a small used camera for stills. I'd like to spend $350 or less via eBay. Ideally with a zoom lens included. I want MFT so that whatever lens it comes with could also be used on the pocket.

GF1? GF3? GX1? Something else I'm not considering?

Appreciate any feedback.


Okay, here's some feedback from a slightly different angle;

As long as we're talking about a camera for stills only, and given that you can (and probably will, eventually) get a Speed Booster for the BMPCC, why would you limit your options to mFT only?


After all, given the 3x crop factor of the BMPCC, getting a Speed Booster for it is a no-brainer, and "small" is not exclusive to mFT only, not any longer. You also mention a zoom lens, but would it have to be an interchangeable one, or could a smart compact camera do as well? If you plan on carrying that one zoom lens only, you might as well get along with a smart compact camera, too. 


Even if you do want and need an interchangeable lens camera, the BMPCC doesn't really limit your choice of stills camera brand. There are adapters for other brands and lens mounts, too. So if you fancy some other brand or model more than Olysonic, go for it.


Well, just a thought, or two.

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The wife will use this camera as well so something with some auto features for her and manual features for me would be a good balance.



All I can say is GOOD LUCK WITH THAT! :)  I generally follow the advice with my wife, "never buy them something with a cord or blinking light.  They won't like it."


I went out and took some test shots with my DP2S and GF3/14mm.  I was expecting the DP2S to do better than the GF3.  It didn't do well enough to be worth the headaches of Sigma.  That's good!


I think the camera for you is the GX7.  I'm considering it myself.  It has built in sensor stabilization so can supposedly shoot at 1/10th of a second hand held.  That would be like getting a f1.0 lens for me!  I have suspicions that they achieve this through a hidden increase in ISO, but who knows?


The other benefit of the GX7 is it has a viewfinder.  My old eyes really need that.


About the PEN cameras.  I bought a used 1st generation one and was blown away by how good it was.  So I wouldn't be surprised if what the other posters say about better still quality.  

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