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Andrew Reid

Blackmagic Pocket 4K/6K vs Panasonic S1 V-LOG

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On 1/23/2020 at 4:10 PM, OliKMIA said:

I would say that price, codec and lens selection is a huge plus for the Pocket 4K. You can put a lot of adapted lenses, use all the available M43 glasses, codec selection is big.
In contrast the S1 is still expensive, native lenses selection is limited and expensive, doesn't bring that much to the table (no FF 4k60p) and is just so huge and heavy. Pocket 4k is $1300, S1 is $2500.

The image from the pocket 4K is still nice, perhaps not as good straight out of the camera than the P4K but the robust codec option facilitates grading.

Personally, I'm still deeply in love with my GH5 and I'm not considering the P4K. The S1 is a great body but it's not a huge improvement specs wise to justify to upgrade from the GH5 unless you need to shoot in the dark.

I just picked up a mint used S1 (without VLOG) for a thousand under MSRP. I think the introduction of the S1H really made a lot of folks overlook the S1. However, for my personal use, I looked at my most used Codecs on the GH5 (422 10bit  24 fps 150mps, 4K60 8bit internal, 120fps 8 bit VFR) it made the S1 more than adequate. The only think I don't love thus far is I can't do 4K60 VFR translated to 24 FPS internally. I have, however used the HSV 48/24 and that has a nice look.

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