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  1. Thanks, @Parker. I have used the Nicest 709 LUT with mixed results, I am going to check out the GH Alexa and/or Leeming LUTs as well. I did read that the Varicam are all look luts (Nicest included) meaning those should only be used as creative luts applied after a technical lut has converted to 709. Have you had this experience? Thanks
  2. Hey guys, resurrecting this thread to see what your go-to color grading workflow is with the S1 and VLog. Specifically, what conversion LUTS (VLOG to REC709) are you using, and what creative LUTS (or grading processes) are you using for professional results? I have both the GH5 and S1, but because of my corporate workflow, I use custom picture profiles so the source footage is useable for others. I have tested the Panasonic Varicam and Ground Control LUTs for the S1 with mixed results. I'd like to use V-Log more, and want to hear about y'alls workflow. I edit in Premiere Pro 202
  3. I just picked up a mint used S1 (without VLOG) for a thousand under MSRP. I think the introduction of the S1H really made a lot of folks overlook the S1. However, for my personal use, I looked at my most used Codecs on the GH5 (422 10bit 24 fps 150mps, 4K60 8bit internal, 120fps 8 bit VFR) it made the S1 more than adequate. The only think I don't love thus far is I can't do 4K60 VFR translated to 24 FPS internally. I have, however used the HSV 48/24 and that has a nice look.
  4. I have this same question- do these Sigma 1.8 zooms work well with the S1/S1H or do they effectively put it into S35 mode? I wonder if anyone has done a real world test with video samples.
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