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Z-CAM E2-F6 (Full frame 6K) goes head to head with Panasonic S1H (test by Flannel Ninja)

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16 hours ago, RobertoSF said:

If I make a pilot for a show, with my own gear, and that show is picked-up by a platform, be it Netflix or others, then yes, Varicam and beyond is within budget, as is the whole crew surrounding it. Until then, exploring a look, professional workflow, and most of all story, all with my own gear, matters.

I don't disagree! I agree with you. 

However nothing you said there requires using a camera from Netflix's list for shooting your pilot. 

Feel free then to pick whatever you prefer: GH5S / E2 / BMPCC6K / X-T3 / Z6 / whatever!

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On 11/29/2019 at 11:07 PM, Zak Forsman said:

I've had my Z-Cam F6 for a couple of weeks now. It's amazing what they have packed into this little camera. They gave me early access to the firmware they released yesterday which had a lot of color improvements. I also own an S1H and although i planned to sell one or the other, i'm keeping both. The S1H makes run and gun doc work easy. So when i'm hired to shoot behind the scenes footage by the studios, it'll be with the S1H. It will also serve as a B-Cam to my EVA1 for EPK interviews. The Z-Cam F6 on the other hand has strengths i'd want in a cinema camera that I'd use on productions where I'm not flying by the seat of my pants: shorts, features, dramatic documentaries. I'm loving the pairing of my SmallHD 702 Touch with the F6. I know they recommend the PortKeys BM5 because it can control the camera, but I wasn't a fan of the UI or the quality of the screen.

Did you keep both? Sell both? update

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