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Variable ND Filters


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You get what you pay for, luckily there are some great inexpensive options. I swear by Bower Variable ND filters. They’re very neutral and only affect sharpness a little bit. They have hard stops and they cost $30 or less.

I also like B+W Vario ND. It also has hard stops, is very neutral, and has a great dust repellent coating on it. The one issue is that it only gives 6 stops of ND but that also forces me to stop down the lens a couple stops which usually results in sharper images and deeper colors.

I recommend owning a good cheap one and a good higher priced one. I shoot a lot at the beach and I often use the Bower vnd because I know saltwater and sand could end up damaging the filter... that’s much better on a $30 vnd than a $150 one. 

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