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short scene with Iscorama 36 + Blackmagic Pocket


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I guess anyone who is looking to drop 5k on a lens would probably be a "serious" user and to that end

would likely understand the value added by the mod. Just means they'd need to pony up 6k instead :P


I've put mine through some rough shoots and it's pretty stressful. I actually had a cheap part snap on

my rig causing the whole camera to fall, luckily I caught it but I pretty much needed a change of pants afterwards.


The lens would ready for cine-environments once modded. Wouldn't mind matching mine with digital bolex 4:3, crop sensor, 1080p raw, off ya go :)

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lovely.  The introduction shot is superb.  I thought a few of the later shots were a little over on her face but I only notice that because the rest is so damn good.


The 25mm and the iscorama is a killer match it seems - I intended on using my zeiss 25mm f2.8 on the pocket and iscorama but decided to bail on the pocket out of principal.  Shame they never met their deadline as I'd have liked to try this combo myself.


Were you at f0.95 most of the time?  looks like a bigger sensor than s16 to me. - probably the combination of fast taking lens, the ultimate anamorphic and the hand movements would suggest a bigger camera to me too.

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I really want to get mine re-housed to protect it and so it can be used with follow focus.


only two things stopping me, the price, and I have heard it vignettes a little earlier after the mod. Anyone know if thats true?


the mod can cause earlier vignette due to the fact that they apply a filter thread which is flush with the rear element meaning certain lenses with the front optic deep within the front of the lens cannot have the iscorama positions with the optics close together.


Also, take into consideration that due to the mod allowing closer focus, the front element extends longer than normal meaning if a 35mm taking lens slightly vignettes at close focus before the mod, it will vignette a lot more after the mod at the new minimum focus distance.

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I'm sure its a lot of work for van deimen to do, but it's hard to justify $1400 on an already very expensive adapter. I wish there were a cheaper way to protect it atleast.


Whats the min focus after the mod?


Yeah I have trouble with mir10a 28mm, it vignettes a fair bit on the gh2, I thought I could get down to 25mm but nope. Even the 35mm vignettes under some conditions.

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Another question about the rehousing: how does the alignment work?


I'm considering asking Van Diemen to see if they can come up with a 15mm rod support solution - eliminating alignment forever -, instead of 58mm rear threads. Something like this link below, which lets the taking lens much closer to the rear optic, and speeds up lens swapping - it takes several minutes to replace the taking lens and align it properly!



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on the 25mm, i was at a f2.0.  I might've stopped up to a f1.4 but i honestly can't remember.  definitely not at 0.95 because it's too soft.  (im looking forward to trying your DSO optics soon too on this rehoused iscorama)


with the rehousing, minimum focus is like 3' 7" feet.  i guess it was worth it for me because now the housing feels so much more secure, i'm not afraid of breaking anything, the focus gear is nice but haven't really used it yet (you WILL need a speed crank i think), van diemen completely regreases it, and i'm not worried about the original plastic housing that would've shrunk and tightened with the weather as much, clear witness marks are engraved, close focus mod (pretty much takes the place of a +0.5, and for me), and i feel like it secures a resale value.



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alignment buttons are replaced with a screw.  so you can freely turn the lens, and you lock it down by tightening the screw.  they make turning the alignment a little more viscous, which i kind of like, so you it feels secure.  if the screw is loose, the alignment generally will stay in place.  but it just sucks, cause i can see myself easily loosening this screw by accident and losing it.

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