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Advice for getting clean audio

Ki Rin

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Hi guys, I don't have much experience recording audio, and am having trouble getting clean sound. 

I've tried using an on camera Takstar SGC-598, and it sounds good, but I'm getting a lot of boomy sounds when I'm moving with the camera. I also tried mounting the Zoom H1 on camera and got the same problem. Is that because these mics don't have proper shock mounts on them? 
Is there anything I can do to get cleaner sound with the equipment I have? 
I also tried removing low end in post, but it only helped marginally. 



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2 hours ago, Ki Rin said:

Is that because these mics don't have proper shock mounts on them? 

Yes, basically - certainly the low-end handheld recorders I have can be very sensitive to 'handling' vibration.

If you can, try putting the recorder on a separate (from the camera) stand/tripod, and suspend it in a 'rubber band suspension' type shock mount e.g. something that looks like this - https://www.gear4music.com/Recording-and-Computers/Shock-Mount-for-Pencil-Microphone-by-Gear4music/1RNWhttps://www.gear4music.com/Recording-and-Computers/Shock-Mount-for-Pencil-Microphone-by-Gear4music/1RNW (that's just an example of what they look like, you'll need to find one the correct size for your H1 - there are plenty of them around on eBay, Amazon and from other suppliers at low cost).

Also, if you are using a camera-mount mic, remember that vibration can travel along the cable, so be careful how you route the cable that so that it can't flap about and knock against the camera or mic body when you move.

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What are you shooting? Is there a lot of quick pans and movement? That can cause issues: more deliberate movement with two hands on the camera can help cut down on handling noise as your body acts as somewhat of a shock mount. Using your body to point and move, as opposed to just pointing the camera in a direction, will give you steadier footage and can help eliminate handling noise. 

Buying or building a better stock mount is also a very good idea. You still might get some handling noise though if you do rapid movements; unfortunately that's kinda unavoidable. 

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