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new redstan close up achromatic diopter

tony wilson

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ever wondered what leica or cooke taylor hobson could do if they made something like the tokina achromatic diopter.


well in about 3 weeks i should have the finest close up ever.

82mm doublet +0.25 classic single coated optics using ohara and schott germany glass.

way superior than the tokina +0.4 optimised for 5d size sensor using iscorama,cooke speed panchro and leica r as the set up.

this close up will be a fine match for the finest most expensive high end new or old optics.



anyone who thinks these new generation anamorphics from letus and slr magic will not need a double element close optics is clearly not very sharp : )

a simple test on those 2 new china lens shot at f1.8 or even f2.8  with an achromatic doublet and without should make things clear.

these new anamorphics are single element  optics just like the century and the panasonic optics.

maybe revised and improved  but still single element..

sometin got a give somewhere in the system.


as we all understand stopping optics down to f4-5.6 clears up the image and makes even poor optics look sweet.

achromatic correction is kind of cool and if you like the new anamorphic lens concepts coming sticking a decent bit of double element glass in front of bad single element can only help A

3 cheers for Chester Moore Hall the man that came up with the concept of bending light ray achromatic correction.

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EOSHD Pro Color 5 for Sony cameras EOSHD Z LOG for Nikon CamerasEOSHD C-LOG and Film Profiles for All Canon DSLRs
it has been designed around the best optics i have cooke speed panchro,leica noctilux,nikon noct imaging onto a 5d sensor size.
i took the best designs i could find realised most achromats are design for long and zoom lens so started from scratch again.
so although the tokina is the best of it's type in terms of light ray path my new ones have better correction hitting the film plane.
the quality of my glass is better and more exotic than the tokina and fully configured for the job.

no price at the moment but you can test it when i get time to machine a mount for it : )
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the slr magick and the lepus anamorphics are single element optics the talented folks of china seem to think achromatic diopters are not needed.
and to be honest it would be a little offensive sticking my quality leica style glass on new copies of the century and the panasonic anamorphics : ) 

i am sure you should be able to get beyond 20 feet going towards infinity .

on an isco 54 i think it was 14-16 feet at infinity on an 80mm i think so maybe 4-16 feet range.


on the panasonic and century style ones the focus range should be much better i have not tested this type of poorer quality anamorphic but i think the improvements will be big.
at the moment i am not sure which doublet will hit the sweet spot +0.4 or the +0.25

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I'd imagine a lot of your orders will come from people wanting to turn the new offerings into something usable:)  And from my limited experience from using my tokina +.4 (which you kindly supplied to me around 2 years ago) on a century, I think your new optic could be the answer to getting nice results from these modern cousins of the century and 7200, while still maintaining a full focus range on wider lenses at least.  


what is the theoretical lowest dioptre setting you can achieve with a doublet design?  And assuming you could create a +.1 diopter, would the beneficial effects of it being a doublet be reduced compared to a higher diopter setting?     

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i am sure these new lens will be great compared too the century and the panasonic as all the design work was done years ago,just a question of figuring out what panasonic and century did wrong.

and engraving a new logo on .


1700 -2000 for the letus is gonna be an interesting sell in the age of pocket cameras..
an interesting test will be century with achromat against slr magic at f2.8 and f4.

i did a test close up lens at  mag power +0.12 and it was way to mild and subtle waste of time.
tokina magnification is great but as i had a few left i thought i would go milder at 0.25

many people even dp's still say single element is all you need and mild magnification does not generate any chromatic shit but i can see it on a battered old gh1 screen zoomed in.
i have some old angenieux single element i have tested the new doublet against and it beats the single element angenieux.

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  • 2 months later...

yes price.

it is important for most.

 but is it connected to value?


like the sacred iscorama the price maybe an outrage and  an insult to many.


crazy talk from a looney tune.

for the prophet or optical connoisseur the price is not the question.

just a means to a pure unsullied  sanctified end.

purity and quality over the double gauss field.

tesla like simplicity and complexity duality.

the ancient secrets glimpse revealed from sumer of old  to south london today.


a monetary price

for the priceless

how crude : )

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