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What kind of external HD would you use with a 2019 Mac Mini?

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I got one!! Its kinda great!

i love how i can take it places~! its kinda like a laptop... without the screen... or battery lolol

so theres obviously a lot of options for I/O, and i want (*need*) to get a healthy amount of external storage for it, asap...

i have no idea whats good right now, but i certainly do have a collection of broken hard drives 😊

what would you guys plug into this lil guy, for the best balance of speed vs storage space? im assuming that ~the~ fastest options are out of my price range, but i havent looked at external SSDs in a few years. i just wanted to see what u all are doin!!!


image: teh many plugs


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Not too sure about the storage, just wanted to say I’ve been using one of these exclusively lately as a test with a loaner from Apple, and I’m very impressed. Been using it with a black magic egpu unit, and I can’t see any slow down from the upspecced 2013 Mac Pro I was using before. These Mac mini’s are mini beasts with the right spec. I prefer the design to the black trashcan.

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OK, I’ve been looking at this little machine too.

Here is what I was thinking:

Max CPU, 16 gigs ram, 256gb SSD internal, with the 10GbE addon so I can plug a Synology NAS 1618+ (or newer model) for teh mass storages.

Run the OS off the internal smallest SSD drive. Buy a couple of Samsung SSD for fast attached storage.

Upgrade to an eGPU when prices go down.

Also, why didn’t apple make this thing twice as tall (I think we would all forgive them) and put a quad core and a dedicated graphics (even low-end).

Not sure if this has any practical benefits over a iMac since eGPUs take a bit of a performance hit.

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