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Camera recommendation needed: 50/50 photo/video


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I was wondering if you all could recommend me a camera that's good at video and photo. I used to own a Panasonic LX5 but I gave it to my brother cause he needed a camera. So I'm looking to upgrade to a more advanced camera. My budget is $2000 max.


Here are the cameras on my shortlist:



Panasonic GH3 (good video, lens selection, concerns with EVF, clean HDMI out, pretty rugged)


Panasonic G6 (good video, lens selection, hard eyecup, plastic body)



Canon 60D (cheap, lens selection, Magic Lantern capabilities, moiré problems)


Canon 70D (relatively unknown at the moment, interesting video capabilities, future Magic Lantern capabilities, lens selection)


Full Frame

Canon 6D (excellent photo, moiré problems with video, future Magic Lantern capabilities, lens selection)


I'm currently leaning toward Canon because of the bigger sensor for photo and Magic Lantern capabilities. My main concern for Canon is moiré in video. 


What do you all think? 


Thanks in advance!





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If in doubt, get the GH3. (Does your budget include lens?) The GH3 gives you 60p and a headphone jack. Nothing under $1500 comes close. (Other than BMPCC, which doesn't do stills.)


The 60d/70d have no jack, and the image quality isn't better than GH3 or D7100. (They don't carry CF card slot so don't expect RAW recording.)


If you can find a good price on a used 7D, you might consider it. With the new RAW recording coming out, it could be a gem and the photo mode is stellar. 

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+1 for Nikon D5200/D7100 instead of Canon's lower end cameras.


Apart from Panasonic GH3/G6 I'd check out the new GX7 as well.


If I were you, I'd bring an SD card and try shooting stills and video with the cameras - and check which ones I like the handling of, and try to decide whether APS-C or smaller m4/3 sensor better suited my need, and if I find the camera handling good (the cameras you feel most comfortable about handling tend to be the ones you shoot the most with :)).


Personally I'm fond of small & light camera bodies for video, as well as smaller sensors which can give me more depth of field in lowlight. On the other hand I prefer full frame cameras for stills - partly due to large viewfinders, partly due to being used to shooting 35mm in the analog days. Hence I ended up with Nikon D800, since I do stills more. ...and yet I'd love to have a small sensor camera where I more easily could get deeper depth of field in low-light. Might be something to consider.


There are quite a few threads about D5200/D7100 here on EOSHD, as well as a review article for D5200. There's also threads with GH3/G6 as well as review for GH3 - and I bet more info on GX7 will be here soon enough. I'd read through those if I were you, lots of helpful knowledge to help you decide.

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Thanks for the replies! I've been checking out some cameras at Best Buy and I feel that Canon bodies are more comfortable and I really like the control interface and potential Magic Lantern functions. As for the GH3, I like what it offers but EVF and the sensor worry me. But pound for pound, Nikon does offer a lot of features but the lack of aperture in LV and its low buffer are concerns.


Hmmm, maybe I shouldgive the 7D another look. I just wish it were at around $1000.


BTW, the budget I listed is for the body only.



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My vote is GH3. Best out of the box video capabilities and quality. They have made great strides in photo quality as well, and includes loads of features. Don't also forget that m43 is great for adapting all sorts of lenses, whether it is canon, nikon, minolta lenses, to loads of more "exotic" lenses, including s16, b4 (fast tv lenses that can sometimes be had very cheap).


And nobody knows what goodies will be added to the list once it is hacked.

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