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  1. Instead of "exploring" a 4K competitor, why doesn't Canon just go ahead and make one. For a company that started the DSLR video movement, they're now even behind Nikon who at least offers a flat profile and zebra in their higher end FX and DX cameras. However, the mirrorless manufacturers are way ahead of Nikon so Canon needs to act now. Unfortunately, I don't have much confidence in them based on their latest camera showings with regards to video.
  2. ​So this is Canon's version of Nikon Df with basic video, more MP and a bigger price tag most likely. Hopefully the 5D Mark III successor has more convincing specs than the 5Ds.
  3. Thank you all for the recommendations! Cheers, Nicolas
  4. Hi all, Could you all recommend a good all-purpose lens for video and photo to be used on the GH4? My budget is $1500 max and I prefer to use a MFT native lens just to keep the whole combo small. Thanks and cheers! Nicolas
  5. I completely agree with SleepyWill. I've been reading EOSHD forums for a while now and I really like the insight into videography on cameras that are within the reach of my wallet. I posted a few times but I just don't feel comfortable being very active because I'm a videography newbie but I'm also respectful to others because that's how I want to be treated.. EOSHD is a place of knowledge and inspiration for beginners like me and I hope you would consider a public section so people can exchange ideas, answer questions, and learn. Cheers, Nicolas
  6. That's great to hear! Thanks!
  7. I rented the GX7 last year and while I found the EVF very detailed, it was really small. I hope the EVF on the GH4 is similar to the one on the E-M1 or something close to it.
  8. Hi all, For those of you who shot with the GH4, how would you describe its EVF? Is it bigger than the EVF on GH3 and GX7? How does it compare to the viewfinder on the E-M1? Thanks and cheers! Nicolas
  9. 43 Rumors just published the official press release of Panasonic GH4: http://www.43rumors.com/full-panasonic-gh4-press-text/
  10. Thanks for the replies! I've been checking out some cameras at Best Buy and I feel that Canon bodies are more comfortable and I really like the control interface and potential Magic Lantern functions. As for the GH3, I like what it offers but EVF and the sensor worry me. But pound for pound, Nikon does offer a lot of features but the lack of aperture in LV and its low buffer are concerns.   Hmmm, maybe I shouldgive the 7D another look. I just wish it were at around $1000.   BTW, the budget I listed is for the body only.   Nicolas
  11. Hello,   I was wondering if you all could recommend me a camera that's good at video and photo. I used to own a Panasonic LX5 but I gave it to my brother cause he needed a camera. So I'm looking to upgrade to a more advanced camera. My budget is $2000 max.   Here are the cameras on my shortlist:   m4/3 Panasonic GH3 (good video, lens selection, concerns with EVF, clean HDMI out, pretty rugged)   Panasonic G6 (good video, lens selection, hard eyecup, plastic body)   APS-C Canon 60D (cheap, lens selection, Magic Lantern capabilities, moiré problems)   Canon 70D (relatively unknown at the moment, interesting video capabilities, future Magic Lantern capabilities, lens selection)   Full Frame Canon 6D (excellent photo, moiré problems with video, future Magic Lantern capabilities, lens selection)   I'm currently leaning toward Canon because of the bigger sensor for photo and Magic Lantern capabilities. My main concern for Canon is moiré in video.    What do you all think?    Thanks in advance!   Nicolas    
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