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Samsung Acquires License to Use X-Trans CFA from Fujifilm


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4 hours ago, androidlad said:

X-Trans RGB

X-Trans Bright

0.61um 1/2" mobile sensor and more



Actually Samsung had some very interesting pixel setup for it's new Dynamic AMOLED screen. I was noticing that it's new screen has a new diamond shape similar to CFAs on specialised filter cameras such as Fuji and others. Though the sizes of various colour pixels different in both (for the screen and for the imaging sensor CFA) majorly, because of the much greater pixel size and much lower pixel count for the screens. Here is a bit of the explanation for the screen pixel layout:

"First of all, the Red, Green, and Blue sub-pixels have very different sizes – Blue is by far the largest because it has the lowest light emission efficiency, and Green is by far the smallest because it has the highest efficiency. The alternating Red and Blue sub-pixel arrangement leads to a 45 degree diagonal symmetry in the sub-pixel layout. This allows vertical, horizontal, and particularly diagonal line segments and vectors to be drawn with reduced aliasing and artifacts. In order to maximize the sub-pixel packing and achieve the highest possible pixels per inch (ppi), that leads to diamond rather than square or stripe shaped Red and Blue sub-pixels. But not for the Green sub-pixels, which are oval shaped because they are squeezed between two much larger and different sized Red and Blue sub-pixels. It’s a form of high-tech display art…"




More than anything, the 100MP camera could have seriously issue with cross talk and colour pixel aliasing, if it didn't have a specialised CFA. The XTrans sensor attempts to deal with that and detail preservation. Hopefully they have a photographic imaging sensor monster, along with much improved algorithms.

Any ides on when this 100MP sensor will release @androidlad


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