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For Sale: Iscorama 36 anamorphic shooting set

Roman Koenigshofer

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Hi there!

I decided to sell my Isco36 setup for personal reasons. It's hard letting it go but I'm sure it will find a nice new home
It's not a new lens as everyone knows but it's in very good condition. Sure the body shows it's age but the glass is what counts. There's no dust inside, no scratches! Comes with original front and rear lens caps. Just the rear glass has a few cleaning marks. I bought it like this and those marks never really were a problem...
I payed good money for it so this won't go for supercheap, but the set price is quite fair I think.

Iscorama 36 (none MC) with spacers for 1500 Euro.
Two Tokina achromat doublet close up lenses (+0.4) for 100 Euro each. They are rare!
LightCraft Fader ND (v.1) 77mm with 72-77 Step-Up ring (perfect match for this setup) for 65 Euro.

I prefer to sell everything as a set for 1600 Euro. Buy this and you are ready to shoot!
Tell me on which taking lens your are planning to use it and maybe I can throw in the right stepup/stepdown filter as well (if I have it)...

Contact: rawmeyn[at]gmail.com
Here are some pictures in a *.zip file: http://ge.tt/8QWwQ9B?c

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I'm shooting a short over 4 days in England around October and looking to hire an Iscorama 36?

The budget doesn't justify buying an Iscorama (plus they're a buggar to find!)

Are there any owners in England who would rent their Isco 36 and clamp out to me?

Also, out of curiosity, would general consensus (Andrew!) say GH2 (Anamorphic hack with lomos?) or 7D (with Isco 36?) We have the option but can't find many examples of the GH2 ana hack?

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