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Biggest European dealer CVP 'in the dark' over new Blackmagic cameras

Andrew Reid

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Andrew. Don't be too hard on yourself. I belong to about 35 Forums in about 5 domains (over 10 years) and have seen this pattern of deceit a lot. I could write a book on it but not here. It's what I've dubbed the 'Snake Oil Shell Game' . It's given birth to many awesome products and obviously some trash but also to many. many scams.

What folks need to understand is that it's NOT about customers at all. It's about how VC funding occurs in the New Millennium. Blame the dot.com era craziness on this (start ups sucking in vast sums of loose cash and going belly up rather than IPO) . In the old days, if you didn't deliver the goods, the banks would swoop in and take all your tools, property and remaing cash away from you. These days it's just a slap on the wrist a chapter 11 or 7 filing, a name or brand change and you were off to rip another community of suckers off.

The operative culprit is always ......  PREORDERS
Don't do them. EVER
They are the trick that sucker you into financing someone else's posh lifestyle and retirement rather than yours.

Other than agreeing with you that pre-ordering isn't necessarily a good idea, BMD is clearly not a scam-company, and they have many happy users of their equipment. Granted, it seems that their customer service and professionalism isn't always where it should be, but it is a far cry from scammers. Even the Digital Bolex people I believe have the best intentions but they are struggling far more.

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Trying to stay calm in the face of bullshit like this is very difficult.

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Why do you look at the speck in your brother's eye... :angry:



and pay no attention to today's date: 25 Jul = almost two weeks from 13 Jul... :D


My Nikon Speed Booster is a week late and I do everything myself, one man.


Blackmagic's mFT 2.5K camera was 9 months late and they are a company with hundreds of employees.


So my question to you - do you think you're being fair? :)

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