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Is anamorphic really the best route to go today?


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Ok, let me preface this with the notion that most people seem to use these with 1080p dslrs/mirrorless cams.


Now with Blackmagic coming out with a 4K camera for $4K, it seems an easier/better route to crop in the 4K material than buying expensive lenses/diopters and making it all work. Any thoughts on this? I suppose one problem is that you need wider lenses, but anything else?

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If im understanding the question correctly, you're just talking about 2.40 or greater aspect ratio?


There isn't a substitute for anamorphic lenses, no matter what resolution camera you have, where you get the kind of flares/bokeh/and especially that dreamy cylindrical distortion you get in the background.


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But most of the anamorphic lenses that we use will cover huge 4k sensor? Or we will get fair amount of vignetting?

4k doesnt dictate sensor size. The new blackmagic 4k camera has a super32 sensor which is very close to aps-c in size.
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