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Brief comparison of Nikon Z6 and EOSHD Z-Log L


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7 hours ago, Andrew Reid said:

What would you guys choose if only one?

As a long time Nikon shooter (photography) that had been supplementing video with an a7SII, it was pretty simple to add a z6 to my kit.  My Nikkor kit is 20/1.8, 28/1.4, 58/1.4 and 105/1.4 (along with some manual focus primes).  Those never adapted great to Sony.  They are amazing on the z6 (especially the 28 and 105 with power iris).

I am pretty much in heaven now.  I have a d850 and z6 and a great set of lenses.  Sold off all of my Sony gear.

The a7S didn’t quite cut it for travel photography so I often lugged around a large kit.  Now a z6 and a few lenses is all I need to get it all done—photo and video.  If I had to chose only one body right now, it would be my z6.

Your points are spot on.  It makes little sense for those new to the hobby or canon, Panasonic Sony shooters to pick up a Z.  Adapters and lenses are coming, though.

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After seven months with the Z6 the thing I like the most are the lenses. The 24-70/4S is so good. Crazy good value in the kit.

The 50/1.8S is incredible . One of my favourite lenses of all time. 

They don’t have as much metal on the outside as for example Fujifilm lenses but I find the build quality and construction better. The design of the sealing at the mount is the best I’ve seen. 

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19 hours ago, Andrew Reid said:

Nice test. I'm glad the dynamic range benefits come across, and the other main priority was getting the Nikon colour science into LOG format. I don't like the colour in N-LOG over HDMI, looks whacked. In-camera it is SUPERB and comes through in Z-LOG.

The Z6 has come in for a lot of stick in reviews and not hard to see why but it's very capable. Nikon made a few critical mistakes which shafted it on the market so nobody is buying it :) No dual card slots on a pro camera. Cheap looking, but expensive F1.8 primes. Consumer leaning design rather than all-out aimed at pros and high-end Sony users.

Speaking of which, Sony users tend to be quite satisfied at the moment and most have Canon lenses, not Nikon. So Z6 is a hard sell to quite a big proportion of the market. Canon users can't bring their lenses. Sony users haven't got a big reason to move sideways. Nikon users probably only just bought D850 and not ready to upgrade. So hard to see a market for Z6.

I'm a fan of the Z6 as you know but the S1 also looks great except for AF.  

The Z6 has Nikon DSLR users with tons of Nikon glass. Both brands have gotten beat up on You Tube and the web from Sony fan boys and the media. Right now they are saying the S1 is not selling as well as the Z6 and is has as much bad press as the Z6. 

I think the market will even out by the end of 2019 - start of 2020. The Z6 and S1 will keep getting firmware updates and keep improving. 

Canon and Nikon have to release Pro series cameras by the end of the year and this can be done with the same foundation they already started. They have to counter wherever the A7SIII lands. 

Sony leas the mirrorless market right now but it's not just based on specs, quality and lens selection. 

Canon could be the wild card company right now based on reputation, users, glass and enough marketing clout to change peoples minds that Sony is not at the same level as Canon.

Canon is the only company that could change this market for the better.  

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